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Our mission is to be the best Russian company producing electronics

Quality of our products and services shall fully comply with requirements of our customers and other stakeholders and be the highest amongst Russian companies.

This can be achieved only when each employee consciously adheres to requirements of the Quality Management System conforming to standards ISO 9001, GOST R ISO 9001, GOST RV 0015-002, GOST R EN 9100, ISO/TS 22163, OST 134-1028.

Each employee shall be aware of how his/her work at the workplace and in the process influences customer satisfaction and what shall be done by the employee to improve customer satisfaction. Everyone shall understand the scope of his/ her responsibility for products quality.

The constant monitoring of customer and other stakeholders satisfaction, products quality and reliability, and output analyses are the key conditions required to define and apply necessary improvements.

Continuous improvement of processes and provision of quality management system effectiveness using LEAN approach shall be considered in everyday work. Leading position in such activity shall be taken by managers in charge of particular areas, processes and projects, who involve personnel through creation of environment with high motivation to achieve their targets.

Company success shall be based on creation of competitive products, increase of sales volumes, use of modern technologies in production, effective training and professional development of the staff.

The top management of the company takes responsibility for implementation of the Quality Policy, ensuring that it is understood and appreciated by all emploees of AO “Izhevskiy Radiozavod”.

Personnel policy of АО “IRZ” is aimed at maintaining the high level of human resource capacity achieved through the involvement of youth, development and retention of the most valuable employees, creating and maintaining a positive internal corporate environment.

Human resource development is the purpose of the personnel policy of IRZ aimed at ensuring competitive advantages.

Activities aimed at the development of human resources

  • personnel management
  • personnel training
  • employee motivation
  • maintaining a positive corporate environment

The main goal of the corporate system of staff training and development is to achieve conformity of the personnel competence to real objectives of the company. IRZ creates conditions for professional growth and inclusive development of personal potential, provides social benefits, and guarantees.

Izhevskiy Radiozavod is striving to be the best Russian company producing electronics.

Life and health are the main values of a human being. The most important tasks of the company are to exclude the risk of loosing these values for each employee and not to inflict any harm.

Acknowledging the responsibility for health and safety of its employees, the company takes the obligation to:

  • reduce the levels of acceptable risk, primarily, at working places with occupational hazards affecting the employee health
  • prevent industrial injuries and occupational diseases
  • ensure effectiveness of Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • observe Russian and Regional Acts of Law and other regulatory legal acts about health and safety requirements including requirements to Occupational Health and Safety Management System pursuant to OHSAS 18001:2007, GOST
  • involve employees in the process of improving work safety conditions and in conscious fulfillment of all personal obligations in the sphere of occupational health and safety
  • provide accessibility to the Company Occupational Health and Safety System as well as to provide cooperation with all the parties concerned

The top management of the company takes responsibility for the Occupational Health and Safety Policy implementation.

IRZ is aimed at being the best Russian company producing electronics minimizing the harm caused by technology to environment.

Realizing the social responsibility to save favorable environment, IRZ takes the obligation to:

  • observe Russian and regional environmental acts of law, regulations and standards, rules and other requirements including requirements to Environmental Management System pursuant to ISO 14001:2015
  • carry out all possible and feasible measures to prevent and reduce releases into the atmosphere, waste water disposal, production wastes generation and consumption volumes
  • consider Environmental Management System to be an integral part of the Company Management System in the process of its stable development
  • ensure effectiveness of Environmental Management System
  • involve personnel to take an active part in environment protection processes

The top management of the company takes responsibility for the Environmental Policy implementation.


ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System.
Authority issued the document: DAkkS
OHSAS 18001:2007 Health and Safety Management System.
Authority issued the document: DAkkS