Implementation of new BEL-UM electronic unit for KLUB-U system

During the years of operation the KLUB-U safety system has been acknowledged as a reliable system which easy in operation and maintenance.

The KLUB-U system is the industrial brand of IRZ. The system is the main on-board safety equipment on the railways of Russia, Baltic and CIS countries. It is designed in collaboration with NIIAS railway R&D institute, and a variety of its modifications have been produced for more than 20 years. Over 90% of passenger locomotives in Russia are equipped with the KLUB-U system. The feature of the system is that it can be easily adapted to various locomotives and upgraded easily.

The system has been modified and changed for several times in part of the hardware (electronic components) and software as well. IRZ in collaboration with OAO “NIIAS” implemented a new modification of the BEL-U electronic unit — BEL-UM 36991-10-00-02, in order to optimize overall dimensions and total number of the system units. This modification allows improving ergonomics of the system units allocation in a cabin, as well as to cut the production cost of the system.

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