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Control panel for PK-KLUB-U unified train system


Maintenance of the KLUB-U and KLUB-UP train safety systems at control and repair sites of locomotive depots and maintenance centers.

Main functions

  • functionality check of locomotive display unit, memory unit, electronic unit and interface unit that are part of the KLUB-U (KLUB-UP) safety systems via CAN interface
  • simulation of analog current signals and discrete digital signals from train control systems
  • simulation and control of distance and speed sensors’ signals
  • generation of CACS and Integrated CACS signals
  • simulation and control of electro-pneumatic valve’ control signals
  • simulation of signals from automatic braking system’ control  and driver’s wakefulness telemetric control system
  • indication of KEY relay status of switching and recording unit
  • supports Windows XP/7/10 32/64 bit
  • connection to PC via USB

≤14,5 kg

Power consumption ≤60 W
Operating temperature +1…+40 °C
Service life 15 years
Warranty period 3 years
Supply voltage 220 ±22 V
Current consumption

≤0.2 A

DC supply voltage 48 ±2 or 24 ±2 V
Overall dimensions 550x280x260 mm