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UFK digital data generation for electronic route map


As a part of equipment for locomotive safety systems’ control and repair sites at locomotive depots and maintenance centers (to be used at a stationary post or in a driver’s cabin).

Description and main functions

  • generating electronic route map digital model
  • binding the electronic route map model by satellite navigation
  • generating railway objects database for SUD-U
  • used with input and diagnostic unit to upload the electronic route map into volatile memory of KLUB-U, KLUB-UP systems
  • satellite navigation antenna cable length-5 m
  • supports Windows XP/7/10 32/64 bit
Weight ≤12 kg
Power consumption 60 W
Operating temperature +5…+40 °C
Service life 15 years
Warranty period 3 years
Power supply 220 ±22 VAC @ 50 Hz
Overall dimensions 542x410x215 mm