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Automatic train protection system is designed to provide safety on all types of locomotives including high-speed trains.

The system features all the innovative solutions verified in the KLUB-U and BLOCK-M safety systems.


All types of the electric trains including high-speed

Main functions

  • compliant to the TR TS 002/2011 Customs Union Rules
  • advanced capabilities for the driver’s assistant indication
  • service braking to ensure locomotive smooth stop according to brake curve in case there is no risk for the safety of train movement
  • voice reporting on the train situation changes
  • fast recording of large volume electronic maps
  • time constraints receiving and confirming via radio channel
  • train location monitoring
  • advanced maintenance methods and tools
  • harness is interchangeable with KLUB-U and BLOCK-M safety systems
  • automatic recording of ALSN and ALS-EN signals of automatic locomotive signalling for the follow-up track equipment diagnostic
  • communication with the train control system via unified interfaces
  • application of distance and speed sensors having no mechanical connections
  • high-speed diagnostic interface
  • system can be equipped with diplexer and duplex filter  when train radio communication equipment is used

Equipment composition, overall dimensions and weight

UnitOverall dimensions, mmWeight, kg
System cabinet (electronics unit with computer modules) 456х290х116 7,5
BIL-M (driver's indication unit) 350х216х91 2,8
ALS-M,  an ALS (Automatic Locomotive Signalling System) signals receiving unit 255х130х105 2,4
Diagnostic panel (without cables) 64х140х75 1,0
KP-RS receiving coil, (an ALS and SAUT (automatic brake control system)  signals receiving coil) 519x108x202 16
Radio channel antenna AL1/AL2/AL3 185х110х370 1,6
TSKBM-KP controller unit combined with the receiver 220х160х80 1,7
IP-LE power supply unit, options 110/50, 50/50, 75/50 290х180х260 10
BRSN-400 unit for recording on the removable storage 80х175х78 1,0
KR-E single removable storage 52х91х6,2 0,1
BIL-PM (driver’s assistant indication unit) 100х150х88,5 0,9
Accuracy till the targeted stop on the station
 — 5 m
on the station-to station block — 15 m
Actual speed measurement with a maximum absolute error ±1 от 0 до 80 km/h
±2 от 80 до 420 km/h
DC supply 50, 75, 110 V
Power consumption ≤ 520 W
Main units operating temperatures range -40…+55 ⁰C
Compliance with the technical regulations of interference immunity and interference emission for this class of equipment
Train passing is not possible under prohibiting traffic lights without station or section dispatcher’s permission when the station is equipped with radio channel
Prevention from unauthorized train movement (rollback)
Receipt of ALSN and ALS-EN  signals of automatic locomotive signalling from  track circuits and loops
Multistep driver’s vigilance control
Operative information on the train movement, system diagnostic results and entered train characteristics is recorded on a single removable storage