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SB SSPS-KH safety systems for dual self-propelled rolling stock

The system is designed to ensure safe movement of track repair vehicles, shunting locomotives, diesel locomotives, laboratories, and repair crews transport.

The system is an advance solution to ensure safety of special self-propelled rolling stock movement either along railway tracks or automobile roads. Innovative design solutions helped to reduce size and mass of the system considerably.


  • receipt and indication of signals of ALSN and ALS-EN automatic locomotive signaling systems
  • positioning and indication of railway coordinates, precise time, and other parameters of rolling stock movement with the help of axle speed sensors and GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation systems
  • continuous monitoring of allowed speed, warning and automatic braking of the rolling stock in case of overspeeding
  • control of driver’s alertness and vigilance
  • registration of modes and parameters of rolling stock movement along railway tracks
  • mobile diagnostics of ALS signal receipt
  • position tracking along automotive roads


  • BCV-KH unit is easily installed under the car seat
  • BIL-KH does not reduce driver’s field of vision
  • BIL-KH2 is integrated into the car panel
  • vigilance handles comply with safety requirements
  • KP-KH reception coils have much lower weight, and along with the improved ALS receiver ensure high-quality decoding of ALSN and ALS-EN signals
  • BVL-KH input unit is made in the same style as the indication unit
  • power supply ensures reliable functioning of the equipment with poor-quality power lines

Unifi ed input and diagnostic portable unit BVD-U
Control and repair sites of locomotive depots, maintenance centers of train safety systems.

Unifi ed test and control console for train safety systems PK-KLUB-U
Maintenance of the KLUB-U and KLUB-UP train safety systems at control and repair sites of locomotive depots and maintenance centers.

Electronic map generation portable unit UFK
Eelectronic map generation at control and repair sites of locomotive depots, maintenance centers for locomotive safety systems by an operator at station or in driver’s cabin.

Multifunctional control unit МPК
Control and repair sites control and repair sites of locomotive depots, maintenance centers for locomotive safety systems.

Portable check-out unit UBP
Checking out the ALSN and ALS-EN receiving equipment of the KLUB-U, KLUB-UP, KLUB-P safety system at control and repair sites of locomotive depots or maintenance centers of locomotive safety device.

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