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Video monitoring system SKRPD


Motor cars, track machines and other vehicles operated on railways, in metros, industrial zones or protected sites, urban transport.

Main functions

  • displaying and recording main parameters of a train performance, on-board equipment and mechanisms (engine speed of rotation, engine temperature, engine oil pressure, fuel level, train speed, air pressure in braking line and brake cylinders, on-board power supply, gear engaged, charge/discharge current, battery, digital inputs on/off )
  • recording video stream from cameras with a resolution of 1024x768 at a frequency of not less than 18 frames per second for 24 hours (for standard confi guration)
  • customization of the operating modes of the system

SKRPD Structural Diagram

СSKRPD Structural Diagram

Key benefi ts

  • video and audio recording subsystems can be used autonomously to monitor compliance with traffic safety and health protection requirements
  • communication regulations and other actions in a cabin or wagon
  • gathering data on train technical parameters and transfering to a server
  • maintenance of equipment in operation by own service department
  • training center for operation and maintenance staff

Successful projects

Rolling stock of Kambarka Engineering Works (Kambarka), Muromteplovoz (Murom), Moscow Metro and Saint Petersburg Metro.

Power consumption less 200 W
Operating temperature –30…+50 °C
Service life 15 years
Warranty period 3 years
Power supply 24 VDC

Kontur HD high-definition camera
High-definition camera (HD camera) is intended for use as a part of video control, security and videoconference systems and other processing equipment.

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