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ABTC-M Microprocessor automatic blocking system with tone track circuits, centralized equipment deployment and backup data transmission channels


Interval regulation and train movement safety on:

  1. railway sections equipped with DC or AC electric drive
  2. sections with autonomous traction
  3. sections with centralized electric supply for locomotives and motor cars rolling stock with driving motors’ pulsed regulation
  4. high-speed running lines
  5. newly built and modernized lines

Main functions

  • train running control on the rail-track block-sections
  • rail-track block-sections occupancy control
  • rail-track integrity control
  • generation and transmission of the train condition’ information to the driver by the Automatic Cab Signaling  CACS and/or IntegratedCACS and by digital radio channel
  • traffic lights signals management with lamp filaments’ integrity control
  • management of the  crossing automatic signaling equipment
  • activation of the prohibitory traffic light at the side of the station duty officer and grade crossing attendant
  • collaboration with electric and centralized traffic control equipment
  • collaboration of the subassemblies located on neighboring stations
  • track circuit signal cable’ functioning control
  • fault logging system devices’ diagnostics
  • organizing and providing safety on the track using moving block-sections

ABTC-M standard scheme

Схема АБТЦ-М стандартная

ABTC-M scheme with moving block-sections

Схема АБТЦ-М с подвижными блок-участками

Key benefits

  • the bocks of the system are unified and module. That provides simple maintenance and repair
  • no limitations for implementation on long rail spans
  • several options of the system are available: station static, station cabinet, station outdoors
  • capital and operating costs reduction due to centralized and compact equipment deployment on the station
Operating temperature
— for station deployment +1…+50 °С
— for outdoors deployment -50…+75 °С
Service life 20 years
Warranty period 3 years
Supply voltage:
— AC current 198—242 V
— DC current 21—32 V