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Microprocessor automatic blocking system with tone track circuits, centralized equipment deployment and backup data transmission channels ABTC-M


Interval control and safety of trains operated on DC or AC traction railways, autonomous traction railways, sections with centralized power supply of locomotives and rolling stock with pulse regulation of engines, high-speed lines, new and upgraded lines.

Main functions

  • control of train movement over block sections of a track
  • block sections occupancy control
  • track integrity control
  • generating and transmitting to operator the data on train position through the ALSN and/or ALS-EN automatic locomotive signaling and digital radio link
  • control signals of traffic lights with control of lamps integrity
  • control of level crossing automatics
  • turn on of the prohibitive traffic lights by station duty officer and level crossing duty officer
  • interaction with electric and dispatcher interlocking
  • interaction of the system subsets at neighboring stations with each other
  • control of serviceability of signal cable of track circuits
  • diagnostics of system modules with failure registration

ABTC-M Structural Diagram

ABTC-M Structural Diagram

Key benefits

  • easy maintenance and repair due to unified modular design
  • no limitation for distance
  • system can be integrated with any types of existing electrical interlocking
  • several system designs: indoor rack, indoor cabinet, outdoor cabinet
  • reduction of capital and operating costs due to centralized installation
Operating temperature:
— indoor installation +1…+50 °C
— outdoor installation –50…+75 °C
Service life 20 years
Warranty period 3 years
Power supply 198—242 VAC
21—32 VDC

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