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Unified contactless advanced code track transmitter BKPT-UM

A unified contactless advanced code track transmitter is designed to generate digital code (pulse) combinations of ALSN and digital code interlocking signals, and monitor transmitter relays of track circuits far ends. The transmitter is used as a substitution of KPTSH-515 and KPTSH-715 transmitters.

Fields of application

The transmitter is designed for use in the existing digital code interlocking systems instead of KPTSH-515 or KPTSH-715 electromechanical code transmitters. The transmitter is installed in station relay rooms or relay cabinets of signal facilities at crossings, or on electric interlocking relay racks.

  • 220 V supply voltage from a single-phase 50 Hz AC power supply, voltage limits are from 180 to 240 V
  • power consumption is less than 17 W
  • output signal amplitude at active load of 36 Ohm, when output keys are powered by an external DC power supply source with a voltage of (13.5 ±1) V, not less than 11.5 V
  • instability of generated codes time parameters is less than 1%
  • setting KPT-5/KPT-7 operation mode by means of an external toggle switch
  • startup time after the supply voltage has been applied is less than 38 s
  • remote control of the device operation mode
  • operating temperature range is from minus 45 to +65 °C
  • double-channel principle of ensuring a safe generation of code combinations
  • recovery time after power interruption is up to 1500 ms, but less than 5 s
  • mass is less than 5 kg
  • overall dimensions are 228x185x202 mm

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