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Inductive-and-wire sensor IPD

Inductive-and-wire sensor is designed to control the occupancy of a pre-point track section. The inductive stub IPD covers the whole area of the pre-point track section. The data received allows solving the tasks as follows:

  • elimination of tailing a point when shunting
  • control of point area occupancy and elimination of a lateral impact because of an oversize
  • control of the rolling stock passing a point

Fields of application

Integrated automated control system of a marshalling depot, or other railway automatic system for monitoring the occupancy and the rolling stock (cut of cars) passing a pre-point area of a railway section.

Equipment configuration

  • electronic unit BE1 — 1 pc
  • mounting kit including inductive-and-wire loop IPD
  • output signal has two levels: a low signal state from 0 to 2 V, and a high signal state from 22 to 30 V
  • supply voltage of BE1 unit is 220 V from a single-phase 50 Hz AC power supply, voltage limits are from 180 to 240 V
  • consumption current is less 0.1 A
  • operating temperature range of BE1 unit is from minus 40 to +55 °C
  • BE1 unit weight is less than 4.0 kg
  • overall dimensions of BE1 unit are 265x164x129 mm
  • operating temperature range of the inductive-and-wire stub is from minus 60 to +55 °C

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