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Locomotive telemetry system LOTES


Linehaul, shunting and high-speed locomotives, motor vehicles.

Main functions

  • integration with on-board ATP systems
  • monitoring of fuel level in tanks and analysis of refueling and fuel consumption including unauthorized discharge
  • real-time monitoring of train parameters, equipment and subsystems (on-board supply voltage, pressure, power consumption, etc.)
  • positioning by GNSS (GLONASS/GPS)
  • saving history of technical parameters to nonvolatile memory
  • indication of traffic and equipment main parameters on driver’s display unit
  • generating reports on changes of technical parameters
  • automated processing and transmission of train traffic and equipment parameters to a server of a locomotive monitoring system in real time mode
  • quick access to information on the condition of trains fleet by maintenance personnel

Key benefits

  • detecting and informing about pre-failure condition of train equipment and mechanisms
  • gathering and storing data on train and traffic parameters on a single server
  • remote access to train and traffic parameters data
  • maintenance of equipment in operation by own service department
  • in-house training center for operators of the system


Power consumption less 100 W
Operating temperature –40…+50 °C
Service life 15 years
Warranty period 3 years
Power supply 24, 50, 75, 110 VDC
About producer

Director: +7 3412 638 127
Contract and sales office: +7 3412 426 522; 658 371; 645 764vlasov@irz.ru
Shipment office: +7 3412 638 129
Chief designer of railway automatics: +7 3412 501 031
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Technical department (warranty) service: +7 3412 664 402servis@irz.ru
Test center: +7 3412 658 193

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