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Countdown panel for timing till actuation of crossing signalling


Attended or unattended railway crossings.

Description and main functions

  • forming the time period till the crossing closure
  • informing the drivers about the time remaining until the closure of the crossing
Time period till the crossing closure, formed by the Timing unit (BOVV) 0, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 sec
Time period during which  the countdown is running on a Display unit (BI) till the crossing closure 10 or 15 sec
Supply voltage of  Display unit  (BI) alternate current  198—242 V
AC/DC supply voltage of the Timing unit (BOVV) 21,5—26,5 V
Power consumption of the Display unit (BI)  30 W
Power consumption of the Timing unit (BOVV) 6,5 W
 Operating temperature -40…+65 °С
Service life 20 years
Warranty period 3 years