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AL-2130 Small-sized locomotive MF-waves antenna


AL-2130 small-sized locomotive MF-waves antenna is intended for usage on railway vehicles together with antenna matching device and locomotive radio for the voice transmission in the frequency band from 2130 to 2150 kHz.

Antenna has characteristics comparable to 8m “antenna strand” and ALM/2.130 but reduced overall dimensions. Antenna is сcompatible with AnSU-A, AnSU-B and AnSU-BM antenna matching devices.

Operational frequency 2,130; 2,150 MHz
SWR (when using external matching device) ≤2,0
Maximum power 25 Wt
Operating temperature -40…+55 °С
Protection rating IP66
Wind load  420 km/h
Overall dimensions 498х2355х110 mm
— AL-2130 drop and ground cable outlet out of support stand is done by wires
— AL-2130-01 signal wire outlet is done from the antenna end face
— AL-2130-02 signal wire outlet is done through lead-in insulator out of the support stand