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IRZ-400 series drives with direct start-up for sucker-rod pumps


Control, monitoring of parameters and protection of electric motors of sucker-rod pumping units with a capacity of 5 to 75 kW.

The equipment provides the following:

  • manual or automatic control
  • continuous monitoring of the mains voltage, phase sequence, values of the currents in three phases
  • calculation of voltage and current imbalance, power factor, load factor, power consumption, operating time
  • registration of monitored parameters and reasons for shutdown in real time with saving records in case of power failure
  • protection of equipment from emergency caused by failures in the electric mains and in the sucker-rod pumping unit
  • automatic reclosure when parameters return to the operating range

The drive provides connectivity to the following equipment:

  • remote control (normally closed or normally open contacts)
  • the SCADA system by means of the RS-232 or RS-485 interface via the Modbus RTU exchange protocol
  • GPRS modem with the ability to upload information to the Internet


  • ability to display graphs and dynamograms
  • building dynamograms without dynamograph
  • smart control algorithms: calculation of the pump fill factor, flow rate, loads on downhole and surface equipment


  • ability to connect telemetry (thermomanometric) systems produced by various manufacturers
  • ability to connect a dynamograph
  • ability to save history to a USB-drive
  • highly informative liquid crystal display
  • software update without shutting down the pumping unit
  • archive of dynamometer charts with the number of records up to 500
  • compliance with the requirements of oil companies and GOST R 51321.1
  • ability to include in the drive a set of electricity metering devices included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments


DesignationRated current, AOverall dimensions, mmWeight, kg
IRZ-400-40 40 740х465х380 43
IRZ-400-60 60 43
IRZ-400-100 100 43
IRZ-400-160 160 50
Supply voltage, V 190—520
Power of the connected electric motor, kW 5—75
Monitoring of the motor operating current, A 0—160
Error of monitored current, voltage, rotation frequency, time settings, % 2
Cabinet enclosure protection class IP54 (or IP66)
Operating temperature, °С minus 60…+50