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Submersible pump with linear motor (SPLM)


The product monitors and controls well parameters and equipment operation in horizontal, vertical and inclined wells with a flow rate of 0.8—20 m3/day.


System components

  • ground-based variable-frequency drive of the IRZ-550 series
  • submersible power cable
  • plunger pump
  • linear motor
  • downhole sensor of BP-103 series

SPLM advantages

  • no problems associated with the use of rods — breaks, unscrewing, corrosion, wear of rods and tubing
  • ability to use wells of any curvature, including inclined and horizontal
  • ability to operate in difficult conditions with low permeability, in regime wells with low productivity
  • simple well construction
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • infinitely variable length and number of strokes per minute
  • high efficiency — efficiency is on average 60—90% higher than in other pumping systems
  • low energy consumption — 30—80% less than by other pumping systems
  • resistance to the well high pressure (up to 30—60 MPa)
  • overvoltage resistance (exposure to a test voltage of 3300 V, 50 Hz at a temperature of 200 °C for 1 min.)
  • high insulation resistance (100 MΩ at 2500 V)
  • possibility of remote control of the unit operation
  • service life up to 10 years

A downhole sensor of a universal digital downhole monitoring system is installed at the motor base, which monitors and transfers the following actual parameters during oil production:

  • pressure and temperature at the pumping unit intake
  • engine temperature and vibration
  • insulation resistance of power cable and motor

Comparative characteristics of SPLM, ESP, SRP

SPLM is a more economical, energy efficient and environmental friendly analogue of the sucker-rod pumping unit. Moreover, SPLM can effectively replace ESP in wells with decreasing production rates without requiring replacement of infrastructure.

Productivity (m3/day) <30 >15 <30
Running depth (m) <2000 <3000 <3000
Operating mode continuous intermittent continuous
Specific power consumption (kW/t) 20 10 8
Wellhead arrangement required not required not required

The variable frequency drive, along with the digital downhole monitoring system, allows to increase oil production and protects the SPLM due to the following features:

  • implementation of smart control modes
  • building wattmetrograms and dynamograms
  • calculating the feed rate and flow rate
  • continuous analysis of the dynamometer chart to determine the effective stroke of the plunger
  • tracking the appearance of complicating factors (deposits of asphalts, resins and paraffins, gas, viscosity, etc.) with prompt response to emergency situations

The SPLM drive allows you to easily and conveniently change and adjust the operating parameters of the well and provides remote monitoring and control of the oil production process.

Combination of SPLM, pump and drive is selected based on the depth of the run, productivity, viscosity and other parameters of the well.

Criteria for choosing SPLM

  • flow rate from 4 to 30 m3/day, well stock with low profitability
  • pump running depth up to 3000 m
  • intentionally deviated and deflected wells as well as wells that react to seasonal injection, where flow rate adjustments are periodically required
  • certain restrictions on electrical power
Overall dimensions Ø117x9600
Stator overall dimensions Ø117x6240
Stator stroke length 1230 mm
Power 35/50 kW
Voltage 660/1140 V
Maximum output current 30—80 A
Developed force 3/5.5 t
Pump delivery range 0.5—30 m3/day
Operating temperature 0…+150 °С
Well static pressure 0—30 MPa

Linear motor
A linear motor consists of a stationary circular inductor and a permanent magnet rod.

IRZ-550 drive
Control, monitoring of parameters and protection of linear brushless DC electric motors with power from 15 to 80 kW, able to accelerate steplessly and braking and speed control.