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IRZ-502 large-scale technological production variable frequency drive


Ensuring of continuous high-flow technological process requiring a fault-tolerant control system.

The product provides the following:

  • automatic control and fixation of the values of the main technological parameters of monitored objects (pressure, level, temperature, etc.)
  • providing operators with remote control of the operation of technological equipment (pumps, electric valves, valves, etc.)
  • prevention of emergencies and protection against erroneous actions of personnel
  • maintaining archives of data on the progress of processes, changes in parameters, events and personnel actions
  • diagnostics of a complex of technical means

Monitored parameters

  • level, pressure, vibration, temperature, etc.
  • flow rate, water cut and oil quality
  • any technological parameters according to the customer's requirement


  • application of controllers with real-time operating system
  • connection of the upper level to non-standard equipment
  • hot redundancy of main controller
  • redundancy of the cabinet main units
  • communication with remote objects through the "optical ring"
  • display of the operation main parameters on the built-in graphic panel
  • uninterruptible power of the system is ≥1 hour
  • availability of automatic through-over circuit breaker (ATC) on power supply
  • hardware separation of the distributed control system and the emergency protection system
  • use of elements for cabinet structure with SIL2 and SIL3 certification according to IEC 61508 for highly hazardous industries
  • cabinets are delivered with application software and their commissioning is performed at the customer's site
Controller type controllers with “hot standby” of the main controller and “hot swapping” of the input/output modules. Produced by Schneider Electric, TSX Quantum  or any other as requested by the customer (B&R, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Direct Logic, Mitsubishi
Channel interface type Ethernet
Channel exchange protocol Modbus TCP/IP
Channel exchange rate 10/100 Mbit/s
Max power consumption, kW 2000
Power supply parameters 187—242 V, 50 ±1 Hz
Overall dimensions 2000х1200х800 mm
Weight 120 kg
Cabinet enclosure protection class IP43