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ST-IRZ-SAPSU testing machine


Automation of the process of testing the drives, pumping units for compliance with technical requirements after their overhaul, as well as during the incoming control of the consumer.

System components

  • operator workstation
  • control cabinet
  • ARM-ST-01 application software
  • set of connecting cables and adapters

Main advantages

  • acceptance testing of drives for ESP, sucker-rod pumps, progressive cavity pumps and linear pumping units with rated current up to 1000 A able to regulate the load in a wide range
  • testing for specific triggering of protective algorithms of the drive
  • calibration by input signals of drive
  • possibility of manufacturing a modification with a reduced power consumption (up to 30% of the rated value of the tested control system during testing)
  • possibility of manufacturing the installation according to the technical requirements of the customer
  • automation of the drive testing process with recording the test protocol in the database
  • reducing the time for testing the drive
  • diminishing influence of the "human factor" during testing
  • reducing the number of personnel for testing
  • saving protocols in the database during the full life cycle of the drive
  • significant reduction in energy consumption
  • building graphs of loads, voltages, currents, moments and others in real time

ARM-ST-01 software provides the following:

  • reading and storing of measurement results
  • generation of required signals
  • check the ESP drive in manual and automatic mode
  • recording test results
  • storing history in a database


ST-IRZ-SAPSU Compact bench for the drive incoming control. Current load for the tested drive is applied as fixed values up to 60 A.
ST-IRZ-STSU Bench for the drive incoming control with frequency converters. Active current load for the tested drive is applied as fixed values up to 60 A, inductive load — up to 800 A. Possibility of adjusting the supply voltage and frequency of the tested drive
ST-IRZ-RMST-1600A A bench for the drive adjustment testing with frequency converters, including for brushless DC systems. Active current load for the tested drive with regulation in the entire range is up to 1100 A, inductive load - up to 1600 A, valve load - up to 100 A at a frequency of 200 Hz. Capable to test simultaneously 3 drives. Simulation of long communication line
ST-IRZ-LPED Bench for testing linear motors with rated current up to 60 A
Rated voltage ~380 V
Rated power consumption 650 kVA
Drive load current 1600 A
Power factor control range 0.2—0.9
Turbine rotation imitation frequency 1—50 Hz
Setting the resistance of the transformer neutral wire КЗ; 51; 100; 300; 510; 1000; 2000; 4300; 7500; 9100; break  kOhm
Drive connection interface RS-485
DMS simulator connection interface RS-232 / RS-485
Number of discrete signals:
— input (+24 V) 11
— output (+24 V) 6
Number of analogue signals:
— output (0—10 V) 2
Maximum test temperature of the drive 60 ºС

Accuracy of measuring the drive input and output parameters by the machine

ParameterMeasurement error, %
Linear voltage at the drive input ±0.5
Phase voltage at the drive input ±0.5
Linear voltage at the drive output ±0.5
Phase current at the drive input ±0.5
Phase current at the drive output ±0.5
Power at the drive output:
— active ±1
— reactive ±1
— total ±1
Electricity consumed at the drive input:
— active ±1
— reactive ±1
— total ±1
Electricity consumed at the drive input:
— active ±1
— reactive ±1
— total ±1