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IRZ-500 series drives for ESP with permanent magnet and induction motors


Control, monitoring of parameters and protection of submersible permanent magnet and induction motors with power ranging from 5 to 400 kW, with smooth acceleration and deceleration and speed control.


  • manual or automatic control
  • motor smooth acceleration and deceleration, motor speed control
  • continuous control of electric mains parameters, current values in three phases and isolation resistance of the “pump transformer — power cable — motor” link
  • calculation of voltages and currents imbalance, power factor, load factor, power consumption
  • protection of equipment from emergency caused by failures in the electric mains and ESP
  • automatic reclosure when parameters return to the operating range
  • registration of monitored parameters and reasons for shutdown in real time with saving records in case of power failure
  • automatic maintenance of reservoir fluid pressure at a specified level
  • automatic variation of sustained operating point to ensure production at the level close to well capacity
  • minimization of motor's emergency shutdowns due to reliable predicting and automatic response to all potential malfunctions in a well or aboveground equipment
  • automatic switch between intermittent and continuous modes under respective conditions

 The drive provides connectivity to the following equipment: 

  • remote control systems (normally closed and normally open contacts)
  • the SCADA-system by means of the RS-232 or RS-485 interface via the Modbus-RTU exchange protocol
  • GPRS modem with the ability to upload information to the Internet


  • integration of an input filter or an active front end to ensure the input voltage and current waveform distortion factor to be not more than 5% in accordance with IEEE-519-2014
  • automatic switching of the motor operation from the frequency converter to the power supply network and back without shutting down the ESP (possible integration of the shunt (bypass) to ensure installations wedging and electricity saving when operating within a frequency equal to that of the supply voltage)
  • maintaining the performance of the ESP when power fails to 0 V for 100 ms
  • 12 or 18-pulse rectification circuit to reduce the input current harmonics


  • ЕАС and СE certified
  • compatibility with various types of permanent magnet and induction motors
  • versatile compatibility with surface readout systems
  • low cost increase relative to basic induction motor drives
  • adaptive control algorithms
  • output voltage waveform distortion factor in asynchronous mode is not more than 5% due-to built-in sine filter
  • settings control modes changing is available on the drive controller
  • maintaining the efficiency of the permanent magnet motor
  • compatible with cavity pumps
  • compatible with downhole monitoring (thermo-manometric) systems produced by various manufacturers
  • compatible with geophysical systems, including during dual completion of wells
  • service modes: wedging, gas bleeding, shaking, jolting, proportional-integral control, voltage optimization
  • ability to save history to a USB-drive
  • software update without shutting down the motor
  • highly informative liquid-crystal display
  • compliance with the requirements of oil companies and GOST R 51321.1
  • ability to include in the drive a set of electricity metering devices included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments

Built-in sine filter provides output voltage of the control station with the waveform distortion factor not more than 5%


Reference code of IRZ-500 series drives 

Структура условного обозначения исполнений СУ ИРЗ-500

Modifications for induction motors

DesignationRated current, AOverall dimensions, mmWeight, kg
IRZ-510-25* 25 1675х780х870 275
IRZ-510-60 60 275
IRZ-510-100 100 254
IRZ-511-250 250 1725х940х970 330
IRZ-512-400 400 330
IRZ-513-630 630 2060х1150х1275 620
IRZ-514-800 800 655
IRZ-515-1000 1000 2265х1350х1330 950
IRZ-516-1200 1200 2265х2300х1330 1270
IRZ-517-1400 1400 1290
IRZ-518-1600 1600 1310

Modifications for induction and permanent magnet motors

DesignationRated current, AOverall dimensions, mmWeight, kg
IRZ-540-25* 25 1675х780х870 285
IRZ-540-100 100 265
IRZ-541-250 250 1725х940х970 340
IRZ-542-400 400 340
IRZ-543-630 630 2060х1150х1275 630
IRZ-544-800 800 665
IRZ-545-1000 1000 2265х1350х1330 960
IRZ-546-1200 1200 2265х2300х1330 1280
IRZ-547-1400 1400 1300
IRZ-548-1600 1600 1320
IRZ-544-800** 800 2300х1910х1580 1500

Modifications for permanent magnet motors

DesignationRated current, AOverall dimensions, mmWeight, kg
IRZ-551-160 160 1675х780х870 260
IRZ-551-250 250 1725х940х970 335
IRZ-552-400 400 335
IRZ-553-630 630 2060х1150х1275 625
IRZ-554-800 800 660
IRZ-554-1000 1000 2265х1350х1330 960

* — Drives with a built-in output isolation transformer, for control and monitoring the installation of an electrodiaphragm pump
** — Drive with an active front end

Supply voltage 190—520, 330—560  V*
Power of the connected motor 5—400 kW
Range of motor rotation frequency control:
— induction 0,5—100 Hz
— permanent magnet 15—550 Hz
Monitoring of the motor operating current 0—2000 A
Control of insulation resistance of the “Pump transformer – cable – motor” link 0—10000 kOhm
Control of turbine rotation frequency 1—50 Hz
Error of monitored current, voltage, rotation frequency, time settings 2 %
Error of insulation resistance control 5 %
Operating temperature -60…+50  °С
Enclosure protection class IP43 (or IP54)

* — options for export