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Automated process control system laboratory bench


Training of new employees to work with modern automated workstations for the management of oil production / oil treatment facilities and other industries; retraining / advanced training of specialists.

System components

  • personal computer with installed software "ARM-ST-03"
  • automation communication cabinet
  • equipment mounting frame
  • technological scheme of the object
  • oeration manual
  • data sheet

Principle of operation

The stand fully emulates operation of the following objects:

  • oil field with the use of ESP and SRP
  • booster pump station (BPS)
  • oil treatment plant (OTP)
  • Well pad pumping station (WPPS)

The product provides the following

  • monitoring the parameters of the objects in real time
  • maintaining an archive of events as well as compilation of reports in the form of trends and screen forms
  • start / stop equipment of objects
  • manual control of technological equipment from the automated workstation of the facility
  • fine tuning of each technological parameter
  • generation of emergency situations requiring operator intervention