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ST IRZ-ED motor test bench


ST IRZ-ED test bench is a system of interconnected workplaces, intended for motor’ fault finding, research, development and acceptance tests. The motors with a nominal current of up to 1000 amps.

The test bench allows to make tests of induction, permanent magnet and traction electric motors.

The tests can be performed in normal conditions as well as at the high and low temperatures and changing electric voltage.

The bench test performs the following checks*

  • motor operation idling
  • motor operation at a normal load according to the set mode of working
  • motor operation at the set overload
  • motor energy parameters’ measurement (voltage, current, cosφ, power)
  • torque (starting, nominal) measurement on the motor shaft
  • motor efficiency determination
  • insulating resistance measurement
  • motor winding’ direct current resistance measurement
  • motor winding’ and bearing units’ heat overload control
  • vibration measurement
  • motor acoustic parameters measurement
  • each parameter performance graph plotting in real time
  • recording the reports  into the data base

* — the list of the mandatory checks is indicated in the technical specifications.


  • automation of the testing process and recording of the test report into the database
  • reducing the time for testing
  • reducing the human factor during the test performance
  • reducing the number of personnel for the test performance
  • records’ keeping during the whole life cycle of the drive
  • significance reduction of the electricity consumption of the test bench
  • graph plotting of the loads, voltage, current, torqes and others in real time
  • mobile modification (optionally) of the bench in the bodies of 20- and 40-foot containers

Composition of the test bench

  • operator’s workplace
  • control cabinet
  • ARM-ST-04 application software
  • the frame with an installed loading motor
  • connector cables and adaptors kit
Nominal supply voltage 50 Hz, 380 V(1000 А)
The number of tested motorts 1
Average time for 1 electric motor testing 20 min
Load amperage  1000 A
Output regulated voltage 20…650 V (50 Hz)