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IRZ TMS Downhole monitoring system

IRZ TMS downhole sensor system is designed to control and transfer the following parameters during oil production:

  • pump intake pressure
  • motor oil pressure
  • motor oil temperature
  • reservoir fluid temperature
  • motor stator winding temperature
  • motor vibration level
  • insulation resistance of power cable and motor

IRZ TMS is used as a part of electrical submersible pump system. Parameters controlled by IRZ TMS enable the pump control system to:

  • protect the pump
  • optimize pump operation
  • automatically control the level of fluid
  • collect data for downhole production tests

How it works

Downhole data is transferred from the downhole unit via the motor power cable, processed by the ground acquisition unit and transferred to external devices (control stations).

Depending on the delivery set, the downhole sensor system can display real-time parameters, transfer real-time parameters to the user’s server via a GSM channel, or save real-time parameters to a USB drive.

The user can view real-time parameters, and control station operation log (history), make graphs, convert data to Excel and WellView format with the help of the communication software.

IRZ TMS system consists of two units

  • BPM-103M downhole sensor
  • TMS-E5 or ASTP ground acquisition unit

The downhole unit is mounted directly to the bottom of the motor or through a bearing support and adapter supplied individually for the specific type of motor. The TMS-E5 ground acquisition unit is installed inside the control station.


  • the downhole sensor system is protected against overvoltage up to 4000 V occurred due to power cable or motor’s short circuit and ensures fail-safe parameters transmission @ up to 1000 V at the zero point
  • pressure sensors at the pump intake are in direct communication with the external environment
  • all modifications of IRZ TMS downhole sensor system measure pump intake pressure with 0.01 kg/cm2 resolution
  • the unit BP-103M3 is calibrated by the consumer without opening
  • stable data acquisition process in case the insulation resistance of "TMS — cable — motor" link is reduced to 10 kOhm
  • data is transferred to external devices via RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces using the IRZ TMS, ELEKTON, BORETS communication protocols that ensures compatibility with control stations of any manufacturer
  • short downhole data scanning interval — max 20 s.
Supply voltage, V 160…300
Downhole information scanning interval, s 20
Operating temperature range for ground unit, °С -60…+60
Operating temperature range for downhole unit, °С 0…+150
Temperature measurement range for stator winding of motor, °С 0…+250
Temperature measurement range for motor oil, °С 0…+250
Temperature measurement range for reservoir fluid, °С 0…+150
Pressure measurement range, kgf/cm2 from 0 to 250/320/600*
Pressure measurement resolution, kgf/сm2 0.01
Error of measurement, % 0.5; 1*
Measurement range of motor vibration acceleration, g 0…5
Control station controller interfaces RS-232, RS-485
ТМS-E5 overall dimensions, mm 210×250×160
BP-103М3 overall dimensions, mm 103х600

* — depending on the modification

IRZ TMS delivery set includes

  • ТМS-E5-01 or АSPТ ground unit
  • BP-103М3 downhole sensor
  • bearing support (adapter to motor)

ASPT ground acquisition unit specifications

Supply voltage, V 160…400
Telemetry information scanning interval, s 20
Operating temperature range for ground unit, °С -60…+60
Range of insulation resistance control, kОhm 0…9999
Control station controller interfaces RS-232, RS-485
Interface for log reading USB
Log size, not less than, days 15
Display availability yes
Availability of GSM channel yes
Overall dimensions, mm 600х600х210

Ground acquisition unit ТМS-E5-01
Ground acquisition unit TMS-E5 is designed to be used together with the downhole sensor units. TMS-E5 is able to transfer downhole data using the protocols of IRZ, ELEKTON, BORETS.

Independent ground acquisition unit АSPТ-DМ
Independent ground acquisition unit АSPТ-DМ is designed to operate together with the downhole sensor units.

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