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ST-IRZ-BP(M) monitoring systems' downhole and surface units test bench


Checking the workability of telemetric systems’ downhole sensors at the incoming inspection or prior to assembly with motor, prior to repeated use and assessing the proper performance

ST-IRZ-BP(M) provides testing of the  telemetric system downhole and surface units produced by OOO “IRZ TEK”, ZAO “Elekton”, OOO “Boretz”, Schlumberger and others.

Monitored parameters

  • ambient and oil pressure from 0 to 60 MPa at the temperature from 20 to 250 °С
  • ambient and oil temperature from 0 to 250 °С
  • vibration from 0 to 50 m/s2
  • line insulation resistance from 0 to 9999 kOhm (testing voltage up to 5000 V)
  • downhole unit body' leakproofness assessment at the ambient pressure of up to 60 MPa
Supply voltage 380 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Continuous duty 100 %
Overall dimensions 11000x2200x5000 mm
Weight  3500 kg