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ST BP-M test bench for downhole units of sensor systems

ST BP-M is used to perform functional testing of downhole sensor units during incoming inspection or before mounting to the motor prior to repeated use of downhole units and to evaluate these units operation.

ST BP-M test bench is used to test downhole sensors and ground acquisition units of monitiring systems produced by OOO “IRZ TEK”, ELEKTON, BORETS, Schlumberger, etc.

Control parameters

Environmental pressure, MPa 0…60
Oil pressure in the motor, MPa 0…60
Reservoir fluid pressure when temperature is within 50 to 150 °С, MPa 0…30
Reservoir fluid temperature, °С 50…150
Vibration, m/s2 0…60
Line insulation resistance, KΩ 0…9999

Technical characteristics

Supply volatge, V ~390
Frequency, Hz 50

Continuous operating mode, %

PV 100
Overall dimensions (when installed into the line), sm 11000х2200х2000
Weight, kg 1300


Number of simultaneously tested downhole units
— In a thermal chamber, pcs. up to 8
— In a high pressure chamber, pcs. 1
— At a vibro-bench, pcs. 1
Simultanenuos testability of downhole units
— Thermal chamber + pressure, MPa up tо 30
— Vibration bench, m/s2 up tо 60
— Pressure, MPa up tо 60
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