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IRZ-501 series process control drives

Technological process’ continuous control and management, operation records creation and data transmission to the upper level for the automation in such fields of industry as oil&gas, agricultural and food industry, power engineering, metal industry, housing and utility services.

The equipment provides

  • year-round collection, primary processing and transmission of information via communication channel to the upper level
  • manual or automatic control of the actuating units and devices by commands from the upper level


  • operation both as a local automation system and as part of a larger system with a single control room
  • centralized automated control from the main controller
  • data archiving
  • monitoring of equipment condition and technical parameters
  • reducing operating costs for oil production
Rated supply voltage 220 V
Battery operation time in minutes, not less than 60
Number of analogue inputs/outputs ≤50
Number of discrete inputs/outputs ≤50
Interface of communication with the upper level RS-485, Modbus RTU and  Ethernet protocol, Modbus TCP/IP protocol
Беспроводные каналы связи 160 MHz, 433 MHz, WiFi, WiMax, 3G/4G
Max. weight 27 kg
Overall dimensions, mm 600х600х200
Operating temperature range -40…+50 °С
Cabinet enclosure protection rate ≥IP56