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IRZ TMS Downhole sensor system with thru shaft


Monitoring and performance optimization  of Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) in the systems of “inverted type” and systems for dual completion on the scheme ESP-motor-ESP

System components

  • downhole sensor (DHS)
  • TMS-E5 or ASPT surface unit

Monitored Parameters

  • pressure at the intake of the pumping unit
  • motor oil temperature
  • formation fluid temperature
  • motor vibration level
  • insulation resistance of the power cable and the motor

The usage  of IRZ TMS allows ESP operation’ managing systems to provide the following:

  • protection and optimization of ESP operation
  • automatic holding of a given liquid level in a well
  • data acquisition for well hydro-dynamic testing

Principle of Operation

The downhole sensor is mounted between the motor and the seal section. It does not require additional outer cables for connection.


  • excess voltage protection in case of power cable’ or motor’ short circuit failure up to 5000V
  • compatible with any control station (drive) of national production
Supply voltage 160—300 V
Telemetry information updating  interval ≤20 s
Operating temperature range
— for surface unit -60…+60 °С
— for downhole sensor 0…+150 °С
Temperature measuring range
— motor oil temperature 0…+250 °С
— formation fluid temperature 0…+150 °С
Pressure measurement range 0—250/320/600 kgf/cm2
Pressure measurement resolution 0,01 kgf/cm2
Error of measurement  0,5 %
Motor vibration acceleration’ measurement range 0—5 g
Interfaces for connection with drive controller RS-232, RS-485

Overall dimensions:

— TMS-E5 210x250x160 mm
— ASPT 527x586x527 mm
— DHS-103M3 Ø103x1000 mm
— DHS-117PRD Ø117x1000 mm