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Downhole sensor system with thru shaft

IRZ TMS downhole sensor system with thru shaft is designed for wells with one motor and two pumps.

The system ensures the control and transmission of real-time parameters during oil production including the following:

  • pump intake pressure
  • motor oil temperature
  • reservoir fluid temperature
  • motor vibration level
  • motor and power cable insulation resistance

IRZ TMS is used as a part of ESP system. Parameters controlled by IRZ TMS enable the pump control system to:

  • protect the pump
  • optimize pump operation
  • automatically control the level of fluid
  • collect data for downhole production tests


  • the downhole sensor system has an overvoltage protection up to 3000 V
  • data is transferred to an external device via RS232 or RS485 interface using the IRZ TMS ELEKTON, BORETS communications protocols
  • short downhole data scanning interval — max 20

IRZ TMS delivery set includes:

  • TMS-E5-01 or ASPT ground acquisition unit
  • BP-117 PRD downhole unit
Supply voltage, V 160...300

Downhole information scanning interval, s

Operating temperature range for ground unit, °C -60…+60
Operating temperature range for downhole unit, °С 0…+150
Operating temperature range for motor stator winding, °С 0…+250
Motor oil temperature measurement range, °С 0…+250
Temperature measurement range for reservoir fl uid, °C 0…+150
Pressure measurement range, kgf/cm2 from 0 tо 250/320/600*
Pressure measurement resolution, kgf/cm° 0.01
Error of measurement, % 0.5;1*
Range of motor vibration acceleration measurement, g 0…5
Controller interfaces RS-232, RS-485
Overall dimensions of TMS-E5-01, mm 210×250×160
Overall dimensions of BP-117 PR, mm 103х1000

* — depending on modification

Ground acquisition unit ТМS-E5-01
Ground acquisition unit TMS-E5 is designed to be used together with the downhole sensor units. TMS-E5 is able to transfer downhole data using the protocols of IRZ, ELEKTON, BORETS.

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