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IRZ TMS-R flow metering downhole sensor systems

IRZ TMS-R flow metering downhole sensor system includes additional remote downhole unit that measures flow rate, pressure and temperature of production fluid passing through the unit. Unlike spinner type systems, the flow meter implements the method of vortex flow measurement without moving parts and it has a wider range of flow rates measurement.

System delivery set includes:

  1. BP downhole unit
  2. RM 20 flow meter
  3. TMS-E5-01 ground data acquisition unit
  4. bearing support
  5. logging cable to connect RM20 with BP
  6. logging cable protectors
  7. logging cable spooling device

IRZ TMS-R system may be applied in oil production and intrawell fluid pumping systems with ESPs. One of the two systems proposed, IRZ TMS-R1, is designed for oil production and intrawell fluid pumping arrangements (IWFP) to deliver from a lower layer to an upper layer. The second system, IRZ TMS-R2, is intended for IWFP arrangements to deliver from an upper layer to a lower one.

Main operation parameters of the system

Allowable vibration, not less than, m/s2 50
Operating temperature range, °C 0…+150
Fluid pressure at pump discharge, not more than, kgf/cm2 500
Depth, not more than, m 5000
Motor tapping voltage, not more than, kV 4000
Flow meter, overall dimensions, mm Ø 103х900
Downhole unit, overall dimensions, mm Ø 103х930
Flow meter, weight, not more than, kg 40
Downhole unit, weight, not more than, kg 30

Controlled parameters

Range of flow rates, cub.m/day 20—200/100—1000
Maximum allowable relative error of the volume fl ow rate measurement, % 5
Range of temperatures, °C
— at pump discharge 0…+150
— at pump intake 0…+150
— motor oil temperature 0…+250
— motor winding temperature 0…+250
Reduced overall error of temperature measurement, % 2
Range of pressures, kgf/cm2
—  at pump discharge 0—600
—  at pump intake 250/320/600
—  motor oil pressure 250/320/600
Reduced overall error of pressure measurement, % 1/0.5
Range of three-axis vibration control, m/s2:
—  at the point of downhole unit installation 0—50
—  at the point of flow meter installation 0—50
Reduced overall error of vibration measurement, % 5
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