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IRZ TMS-R flow metering downhole sensor system


Pressure, temperature and fluid rate control at ESP (Electrical Submersible Pump) discharge.

System components

  • BP-103DR downhole sensor
  • RM-20 flow meter
  • TMS-E5 surface unit
  • bearing support
  • cable in a KST-2 tube for RM-20 connection to the downhole sensor
  • protectolizer for logging cable protection
  • cable winding device in a tube

Monitored Parameters

  • pressure at the intake of the pumping unit
  • motor oil temperature
  • formation fluid flow rate
  • motor vibration level
  • insulation resistance of the power cable and the motor

The usage of IRZ TMS-R allows ESP operation’ managing systems  to provide the following:

  • protection and optimization of ESP operation
  • automatic holding of a given liquid level in a well
  • data acquisition for well hydro-dynamic testing 

Principle of Operation

IRZ TMS-R system includes additional downhole remote unit, measuring flow rate, pressure and temperature of production fluid, passing through the unit. In the flow transducer  there is a vortex method of measuring, which differs from “spinner” type in wide range of measured fluid rates and absence of moving elements.


Various types of configuration in production systems and for the downhole pumping — both upward and downward  schemes.

  • 1a — configuration for production system
  • 1b — configuration for downhole pumping from lower to higher seal
  • 1с — configuration for downhole pumping from higher to lower sea

To implement a configuration you need to lay only one cable in a tube close to Electrical Submersible Pump.


Configurations: a) IRZ TMS-R1 for production system; b) IRZ TMS-R1 for downhole pumping; c) IRZ TMS-R2 for downhole pumping with a downhole sensor with a thru shaft

Main operating parameters of the system

Allowable vibration, min ≤50 m/s2
Operating temperature range 0…+150 °С
Fluid pressure at pump discharge  ≤500 kgf/cm2
Running depth ≤5000 m
Motor tapping voltage ≤4000 kV
Overall dimensions
— RM-20 103х900 mm
— BP-103DR  103х930 mm
— RM-20 <40 kg
— BP-103DR <30 kg

Controlled parameters of the system

Range of measured flow rates  20—200/100—1000 cub.m/day
Maximum allowable relative error of the volume flow rate measurement 5 %
Range of temperatures :
— at pump discharge 0…+150 °С
— at pump intake 0…+150 °С
— motor oil temperature 0…+250 °С
— motor winding temperature 0…+250 °С
Reduced overall error of temperature measurement  2 %
Range of pressures:
— at pump discharge 0—600 kgf/cm2
— at pump intake 250/320/600 kgf/cm2
— motor oil pressure 250/320/600 kgf/cm2
Reduced overall error of pressure measurement 1/0,5 %
Range of three-axis vibration control 
— at the point of downhole unit installation 0—50 m/s2
— at the point of flow meter installation 0—50 m/s2
Reduced overall error of vibration measurement  5 %

Conventional designation of IRZ TMS-XXX downhole monitoring systems of special design
The IRZ TMS-XXX downhole monitoring system of a special design (XXX is the alphanumeric designation of the telemetry subtype), depending on the version.