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RVK PILOT-1 anti scaling system


Treating the well fluid during ESP operation in order to decrease or eliminate scale formation on outer and inner surfaces of the downhole equipment.

System components

  • downhole electromagnetic unit with a protective centralizer
  • BP-103DMT downhole sensor
  • TMS-E5 surface unit
  • OP-117-02 motor base

The system provides

  • prevention of scale deposition on the downhole equipment
  • increase in well production rate
  • protection and optimization of ESP system operation
  • automatic regulation of the desired well fluid level
  • collecting data for well testing

Operation principle

RVK Pilot-1 is designed on the basis of a patented technology of treating well fluid. Influence of AC electromagnetic field results in active formation of fine crystals with modified structure in fluid;  the crystals are lifted to the surface, and the scale is not deposited on the downhole equipment. The effect is along the entire well, from the bottom hole to the wellhead.


  • high efficiency of scaling protection during entire run-life of ESP unit proved by field trials in Lukoil and Rosneft oilfields
  • quick payback
  • 2 times increase of mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • simple and easy to implement and operate
  • transferring system performance parameters to the VFD (drive) controller
  • increase of fluid production by 20% due to ESP optimized operation and decrease of fluid viscosity
  • analysis of managed wells using REPOS ALPS software
  • compatibility with all Russian VFDs
  • the system can be used in autonomous and remote locations
  • no need for additional installation and maintenance, works for acid treatments, selecting and supplying chemicals
Supply voltage 160—300 V
Downhole data scanning interval ≤30 s
Operating temperature range 
— surface unit -60…+60 °С
— downhole sensor 0…+150 °С
— downhole electromagnetic unit 0…+120/ 0…+150 °С*
Temperature measuring range
— motor stator winding 0…+250 °С
— motor oil 0…+250 °С
— formation fluid 0…+150 °С
Range of pressure 0—25/40/250/400/600 kgf/cm2 *
Pressure measurement resolution  0,01 kgf/cm2
Measurement error 0,5/1 %*
Motor vibrations measurement range 0—5 g
Controller communication interfaces RS-232, RS-485
Overall dimensions
— surface unit 210x250x160 mm
— downhole electromagnetic unit Ø117x1048 mm
— downhole sensor Ø103x747 mm

* — depending on modification