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Electromagnetic downhole anti-scaling system

PILOT-1 is designed with the use of unique patented technology of fluid treatment. Influence of AC electromagnetic field results in the active formation of fine crystals in fluid and modified structure which are then lifted to the surface not being deposited on the downhole equipment. The system acts along the whole length of the well — from the bottom to the top.


  • quick payback
  • effective anti-scaling protection
  • easy installation and operation
  • increase of mean time between failures by more than two times
  • increase in fluid flow rate due to ESP optimal operating conditions and reduction of fluid viscosity
  • analysis of wells under control with the help of REPOS ALPS software package
  • possibility to use system in autonomous areas at hard-to-reach oil production sites

The system includes

  • anti-scaling downhole unit with protective centralizer
  • TMS BP-103DMT downhole sensor
  • TMS-E5-01 ground acquisition unit
  • OP-117-02 bearing support
  • well construction engineering and technical maintenance

The system has successfully undergone tests in oil producing companies, such as Rosneft, Lukoil, Bashneft.

The following benefits were experienced after application of the system

  • increase of mean time between failures by more than two times
  • 20% average increase of fluid flow rate
  • protection within the entire service life of ESP

The system allows avoiding extra work such as

  • installation and maintenance of chemical feeding devices
  • periodic treatment of wells with acids
  • selection and delivery of chemicals
  • construction of facilities for safe chemical storage
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