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IRZ-540 variable speed drives for ESPs with permanent magnet and asynchronous motors

The station ensures control, parameters monitoring and protection of submersible asynchronous and permanent magnet electric motors with power ranging from 14 to 320 kW enabling smooth acceleration, deceleration and speed control.

The station can be equipped with an input line filter to ensure that voltage and current waveform distortion factor at the control station input is not more than 10%.

Upon request, the control station may include a power metering system registered in the State Register of Measuring Devices.


  • compatible with different types of asynchronous and permanent magnet motors
  • compatible with a wide range of ground equipment
  • small price increase comparatively to a station for asynchronous motors
  • voltage waveform distortion factor at the control station output is not more than 5% in the non-synchronous mode due to the use of a sine-wave filter
  • change of control mode by setting value on the control station controller
  • permanent magnet motor does not detoriate when using the universal control station
  • frequency output in the permanent magnet mode up to 500 Hz (up to 10.000 rpm)
  • compatible with PCPs
  • compatible with downhole monitoring (thermo-manometric) systems of different producers
  • compatible with geophysical systems, including dual completion systems
  • intelligent control algorithms
  • service modes: anti-jamming, gas pumping, shaking, PID control, voltage optimization
  • history recording to a USB flash drive
  • software update without motor shutdown
  • informative graphic display
  • compliance with requirements of oil companies and GOST R51321.1-2007


  • manual or automatic control
  • motor smooth acceleration and deceleration, motor speed control
  • continuous control of electric mains parameters, three-phase currents and insulation resistance of the “pump transformer – power cable – motor” link
  • calculation of voltage and current unbalance, power factor, load factor, power consumption, non-failure operation time
  • connection to ground acquisition units of downhole sensor systems produced by IRZ TEK and other manufacturers
  • record of parameters controlled and causes of motor shutdown in real-time mode with saving of records during power interruptions
  • automatic maintaining the level of reservoir fluid pressure by changing the motor speed
  • automatic variation of sustained operating point to ensure production at the level close to well capacity
  • minimization of motor emergency shutdowns
  • automatic transition from the intermittent to continuous cycle and vice versa under corresponding conditions
Supply voltage, V 190…520
Power of connected motor, kW 14…320
Range of motor rotation frequency control, Hz 0.5…100 asynchronous / 15…500 permanent magnet (up to 10000 rpm)
Control of motor operating current, A 0…2000
Control of insulation resistance of the “pump transformer – cable – motor” link, kOhm 0…10000
Control of turbine rotation frequency, Hz 1…50
Error of current, voltage, rotation frequency and time setting control, % 2
Error of insulation resistance control, % 5
Enclosure protection class IP43 (or IP54)
Operating temperature, °С -60…+50


DesignationRated current, АOverall dimensions, mmWeight, kg
IRZ–541–250 250 1750х950х900 390
IRZ–542–400 400 400
IRZ–543–630 630 1870х1000х1200 550
IRZ–544–800 800 640
IRZ–545–1000 1000 2050х1300х1300 810
IRZ-546-1200 1200 890
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