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KDU IRZ centrilized control system

Remote monitoring and control of equipment used at the oilfield in order to improve the efficiency of production process and to reduce operation costs.

Specifications depend upon the type and oilfield construction:

  • maximum number of connected units — 10000
  • communications range, km — up to 100 km
  •  network protocols Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DNP3

Generalized KDU IRZ functional block diagram

Generalized KDU IRZ functional block diagram

KDU IRZ description

Centralized control system has hierarchic three-level structure.

The lower level comprises primary measuring transducers and actuating units involved into the production process and control stations for local automatic equipment (control stations for electric submersible pumps, bottom-hole pumps and group metering stations).

The middle level comprises production process control stations, i.e. IRZ-501-01, 08, 02, 16 that receive data from sensors and primary measuring transducers of the lower level and transfer the data to master controller. Master controller represented by production process control stations IRZ 501-04, 23, 26, is an intermediate link of the system. The controller collects and processes all received signals as well as archives signals in case of connection dropout and transfers all data via communication equipment to central control room.

The upper level comprises operator’s workbench and data base server with the software installed which receives and archives all data about process parameters (pressure, temperature, flow rate), protection signaling and system voltage.

When any object is disconnected, the operator receives the signal indicating disconnection and describing reasons. For analytical data treatement, the reports are forwarded via WEB-interface. When different communication equipment is used to transfer data, i.e. radio modems within the frequency range 433—434 MHz, 146—174 MHz, GPRSmodems, wideband access systems to transfer data over radio channels, connection to Ethernet, etc., flexible routing is the distinctive feature of this system.

Functions of automatic control systems for electric submersible pump

  1. On-line control and monitoring of submersible electric motor parameters
  2. Remote control of electric submersible pump unit
  3. Wellhead pressure control

Functions of automatic control systems for bottom-hole pump

  1. On-line control of conventional pumping unit
  2. On-line review of dynamometer and current charts
  3. Wellhead pressure control

Functions of automatic control systems for booster pipeline pumping station

  1. Control and monitoring pumps and electric motors operation parameters
  2. Control of cubic capacity
  3. Pressure control
  4. Oil flow control
  5. Valve state control

Functions of automatic control systems for Group Metering Station (GMS)

  1. Automatic and remote control of a well multiway switch
  2. Pressure control at GMS output
  3. Well flow rate determination
  4. Transmission of process parameters and control commands for electrical centrifugal and bottomhole pumps operation to operator's workbench
  5. Remote control of geographically distributed cluster processing equipment from one remote operator's workbench
  6. Control of oil extraction processes at oil field clusters pursuant to industrial safety requirements
  7. Archiving current process data about each cluster to be used for further analyses, review and reporting
  8. Protection signaling for GMS and instrumentation and automated control systems premises
  9. Automatic sampling of slave units (wells) in a background mode

 Functions of automatic control systems for oil treatment plant

  1. Independent support of process conditions in accordance with the Process Procedure requirements
  2. Emergency prevention
  3. Protection against personnel errors
  4. Technical means inspection and diagnostics
  5. Automatic sampling and storing the values of the main process parameters for monitored sites (pressure, levels, temperature, etc.)
  6. Reception and transmission of signals indicating pre-emergency and emergency situations or events
  7. Remote control of processing equipment operation by operators (pumps, electric bolts, valves, etc.)
  8. Archiving data of process progress, parameter changes, events and personnel activities

 Functions of automatic control systems for group pumping station

  1. Control of pumps and electric motors operation parameters
  2. Control of cubic capacity
  3. Pressure control
  4. Water flow control
  5. Pump condition control

Functions of automatic control systems for water distribution point

  1. Control of stratum water flow rate for each well
  2. Pressure control

Functions of automatic control systems for automatic system for energy resources metering and recording

  1. Automatic collection and archiving of resources consumption data
  2. Display of current information about energy recourses consumption at all sites in real time
  3. Preparation of energy resources consumption history reports and reports comparing energy resources consumption at each site
  4. Analysis of energy efficiency and identification of potential energy saving options
  5. Provision with the tools for economic effect analysis as a result of energy and resources saving actions

Central control room

The central control room is equipped with the operator's workbench, data base server and communication equipment to read site parameters. Equipment of the central control room functions 24 hours a day: computers used are of industrial design and mounted into the cabinet to ensure maintainability and equipped with uninterruptible power supply.

Applied software KDU-IRZ developed using InTouch SCADA-system provides operator with the current information about production process in the form of mnemonic diagrams, tables, trend charts. To monitor large number of sites, the computer is equipped with several displays.

Audio signaling and warning lights help the operator to react on current events (failures) in time and take corrective actions: set all parameters remotely or issue control commands and if necessary, forward maintenance personnel to the site.


The software provides:

  • display of the whole production process in the form of mnemonic diagrams, tables, trend charts
  • round-the-clock automatic control and preemergence and emergence warning
  • site remote control and setting
  • analytical and statistical tools to treat collected data for losses optimization
  • possibility to use data from any local network point
  • data access depending on access rights for engineers


  • controller software
  • IRZ OPC-server for data collection from distributed units
  • InTouch 9.5-10.1 SCADA-system with developed user-friendly interface
  • MS SQL SERVER 2000-2008 data base server for round-the-clock data archiving
  • WEB-server for reports and diagrams generation, provision an access to information from any point of the local network

Economic effect

Maximum effect is achieved with automation of prolific wells and wells located at hard-to-reach places (inundated areas, great remoteness, etc.)

KDU-IRZ implementation allows to:

  • increase control efficiency
  • decrease daily downtime of the well
  • increase lifetime and equipment life
  • decrease replacement costs of equipment, consumables costs, spare parts costs, fuel and energy costs, etc.
  • ensure optimum crude oil production

The system pay-back period is 3—18 months depending on the volumes and level of automation.


Our Company has developed and implemented automatic process control systems for sites as follows: Water flooding system modification for Begeshkinskoe Oil Field; Mud and salt room construction at Mishkinskoe, Chutyrskoe Oil Fields; Oil treatment plant-2 modification at Mishkinskoe Oil Field; Automatic process control system for oil production sites, formation-pressure maintenance and oil treatment; Arrangement of Karsovayskoe Oil Field for the trial period.

Automatic process control systems for prolific well stock and sites of UDMURTNEFT, i.e. oil-andgas production departments “VOTKINSK”, “IGRA”, “GREMIKHA”, “SARAPUL”, Sandiveyskoe and Khasyreyskoe oil fields in RN-SEVERNAYA NEFT are developed.

Our Company has vast experience in development of turnkey automatic process control systems for oil fields of Western Siberia and Azerbaijan. Our Company has successfully implemented projects for power saving and automa tion of housing and utilities objects for the Russian Railways. We have approved ourselves in the sphere of automation for energy resources metering and recording.

The Company is ready to perform special orders namely:high-speed data channel designing for telemechanics; integration with existing local automation systems and automatic process control systems; preparing documentation for special controller cabinets.

Projects are developed taking into account upto-date achievements in the sphere of automatic control. Development period is reduced due to automatic process of technical documentation preparation. Labor and resource consuming during the project development is reduced using standard solutions based on advanced technologies and correlation between similarsections of the documents.

We are well experienced in cooperation with the designing institutes and offices: RN-UfaNIPIneft Neftehimproekt, Ufanefteproekt, INNC, Institut Sibproekt, Samarskie Neftegazovye Tekhnologii, TumenNeftegasproekt.

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