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BP-103M3 repair kit


Overhaul and restoration of IRZ downhole sensors produced starting from 2012 to the present time, modernization of the old downhole sensors to meet the actual requirements of oil companies.


  • contains a complete set of boards, calibrated sensors and connection adapters
  • cheaper than a new downhole sensor
  • conforms to up-to-date protocols
  • has updated circuitry
  • allows to perform overhaul of downhole sensors produced by other manufacturers by installing IRZ electronics in the old housing
  • meets the technical requirements of Rosneft, Lukoil, Surgutneftegaz companies
Supply voltage 160—300 V
Telemetry information update time (Rosneft and Lukoil / Surgut), no more 20/ 10 s
Operating temperature range:
— surface readout unit -60…+60 °С
— downhole sensor 0…+150 °С
Temperature measurement range:
— stator winding of motor (Rosneft / Surgut) 0…+200/ 0…+170 °С
— motor oil (Lukoil)) 0…+250 °С
— formation fluid (Rosneft / Surgut / Lukoil) 0…+150/ 0…+130/0…+150 °С
Pressure monitoring range 0—25/40/250/400/600  kgf/cmdepending on modification
Pressure control resolution 0.01 kgf/cm2
Measurement error 0.5 %
Motor vibration acceleration measurement range 0—5 g
Interfaces for communication with PLC RS-232, RS-485
Overall dimensions Ø84x300 or Ø70x400  mm