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IRZ ТМS-М3N downhole monitoring system with cold backup of all electronic units with a hydraulic line for measuring pressure at the ESP outlet


Monitoring and optimization of the ESP operation as well as measuring the pressure at the pump discharge through the hydraulic pipe.

System components

  • downhole sensor of BP-95МТ5 series
  • surface readout unit ТМS-E5 or АSPТ
  • hydraulic line
  • heating coil
  • threaded pressure sub (TPS) or flanged sub (FLS)

Monitored parameters

  • pressure at the intake of the pumping unit
  • pressure at the discharge of the pumping unit
  • motor oil temperature
  • formation fluid temperature
  • motor stator winding temperature
  • motor vibration level
  • insulation resistance of power cable and motor

The use of IRZ TMS-BV1.1 allows the systems that control the ESP operation to provide the following:

  • protection and optimization of ESP operation
  • automatic holding of a given liquid level in a well
  • data acquisition for hydrodynamic well tests

Principle of operation

The downhole sensor is mounted directly to the bottom of the submersible motor or by means of the adapter supplied separately for a specific type of the submersible motor. Outlet pressure is applied to the inlet of the downhole sensor for measurement through a flanged pressure sub and a thick-walled hydraulic tube. The TMS-E5 surface readout unit is installed inside the variable frequency drive. The monitoring data from the downhole sensor are transmitted through the power cable of the submersible motor, processed in the surface readout unit and transmitted to the drive.

Additional options

  • measurement of cable leakage current
  • autonomous work on batteries up to 12 hours
  • connection of a GSM-modem for remote monitoring of parameters, recording and storing data of the drive operation, plotting graphs, generating a report in MS Excel and WellView format
  • capability to install relay outputs and / or up to 8 analog inputs for setting up installations and protecting the motor directly in the DMS, as well as connecting the DMS to any drive, including drives of foreign production and old modifications
  • possibility of equipping the surface readout unit with a graphic display
  • possibility of connection to step up/step down transformer, not equipped with a neutral
  • ability to view the archive of the drive operation history up to 150 days and download it to USB-drive


  • pressure measurement at the pump discharge
  • control of measurement accuracy due to ability to compare readings of two independently operating systems and to identify errors associated with partial failure of components
  • pressure measurement at the pump intake with a resolution of 0.01 kgf/cm2
  • stable reception when insulation resistance of the “transformer — cable — motor” system drops to 10 kOhm
  • data transmission to an external device via the RS-232 or RS-485 interface using the IRZ TMS2 exchange protocol
  • update of real-time parameters — at least once per 30 s
  • the downhole sensor is provided with "cold" redundancy of all electronic components: two downhole sensors are located in one housing — one is functioning, the second is switched on in manual or automatic mode in case of failure of the first sensor
  • update of pressure value at the intake at least once every 5 s
  • compliance with international requirements and standards of foreign companies
Supply voltage 160—300 V
Max real-time parameters update time 30 s
Operating temperature range:
— surface readout unit -60…+60 °С
— downhole sensor 0…+150 °С
Temperature measurement range:
— motor stator winding 0…+250 °С
— motor oil 0…+250 °С
— formation fluid 0…+150 °С
Pressure measurement range 0—25/40/250/400/600  kgf/cm2 depending on modification
Pressure measurement resolution 0.01 kgf/cm2
Measurement error 0.5 %
Motor vibration acceleration measurement range 0—5 g
Interfaces for communication with PLC RS-232, RS-485
Overall dimensions:
— surface readout unit 210x250x160 mm
— downhole sensor Ø95x755 mm

Conventional designation of IRZ TMS-XXX downhole monitoring systems of special design
The IRZ TMS-XXX downhole monitoring system of a special design (XXX is the alphanumeric designation of the telemetry subtype), depending on the version.