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IRZ TMS-MAGMA-117-40-200-K-E5VT high-temperature downhole monitoring system


Control and transfer of intake pressure, motor oil temperature, intake temperature, power cable and motor insulation resistance readings during oil production in wells with high operation temperatures (up to 200 °С).

System components

  • TMS-E5-VT surface unit
  • BP-103VT downhole sensor

Operation principle

The downhole sensor is connected to the motor base either directly or through an adapter supplied individually for the specific type of the motor. The TMS-E5-VT surface unit is installed outside the drive. Telemetric information transfers from the downhole sensor via the motor power cable, the data is processed in the surface unit and then transferred to an external device (the drive).


  • connection of a GSM-modem for remote monitoring of parameters, viewing the history of the Drive operation and plotting graphs and reports in MS Excel and WellView formats
  • easy data downloading to USB-drive


  • operation in high-temperature environment – up to +200 °С
  • high resolution of temperature and pressure measurement
  • downhole sensor can be operated at a depth of up to 3,000 m
  • archiving the data on the history of the Drive operation not less than for 30 days
Supply voltage 120—400 V
Supply voltage frequency 50 ±1 /60 ±1 Hz
Power consumption ≤40 W
Operating temperature range -60…+60 °С
AC current consumption ≤40 mA
Allowed vibration ≤100  m/s2
Allowed formation fluid pressure ≤320 kgf/cm2
Range of pressure measurement 0—320 kgf/cm2
Range of formation fluid operating temperatures 0…+200 °С
Range of motor oil temperature measurement   0…+200 °С
Reduced overall error of pressure measurement 0,5/1 %
Pressure measurement resolution 0,01 kgf/cm2
Temperature measurement resolution 0,1 °С
Reduced overall error of the rest parameters measurement 1,5 %
Running depth ≤3000 m
Controller communication interfaces RS-232 or RS-485