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IRZ TMS-ORD1 integrated downhole monitoring system for dual completion of wells


Real-time monitoring of the development of multilayer objects in wells equipped with ESPs. The system provides preliminary processing, visualization and interpretation of well data, as well as remote control of the ESP operation.

System components

  • downhole geophysical modules of the SAKMAR-5D-ETSN type
  • downhole sensor of BP-103D1 series
  • surface readout unit ASPT

Monitored parameters

  • pressure at the intake of the pumping unit
  • motor oil pressure
  • motor oil tempereature
  • formation fluid temperature
  • motor stator winding temperature
  • motor vibration level
  • insulation resistance of power cable and motor
  • geophysical information for each formation: pressure, temperature, fluid flow rate, well water cut

The use of the IRZ TMS-ORD1 equipment allows the systems that control the ESP operation to provide the following:

  • protection and optimization of ESP operation
  • automatic holding of a given dynamic level in the well
  • obtaining data for well testing

Principle of operation

Monitoring of the development of multilayer objects in wells is carried out using a technology that uses a standard ESP power cable to transmit geophysical, hydrodynamic and technological data from integrated multi-parameter measuring modules and a DMS unit located under the ESP.

Downhole sensor BP-103D with sensors and a device for receiving information from the geophysical module is attached to the bottom of the ESP using a adapter. The bottom end of the BP-103D is equipped with a standard connector for connecting a geophysical cable.

The ASPT surface readout unit is installed outside the drive of any manufacturer and does not require modification of the drive.

Data are transmitted from the DMS unit and complex multi-parameter measuring modules via the power cable of the ESP unit in digital form without distortion to the specialist's workplace via a GSM modem, to the drive and telemechanics system upon request via the RS-232 or RS-485 interface, as well as to a USB stick. The data are accumulated in the surface readout unit. The amount of memory allows you to archive the data obtained in 30 days at the maximum speed of polling the sensors.

The instruments are checked at the manufacturing plant during production and once a year by any accredited center for standardization and metrology when the installation is lifted up.


  • real-time monitoring of the development of multilayer objects
  • hydrodynamic studies in shut-in wells when turning off or changing the operating mode of the electric pump without turning off the ESP
  • operational control and remote control of the ESP operation mode
  • with the areal application of the ORD1 technology — remote control of field development, remote monitoring and control of equipment installed at the oil field
  • capability to view the current parameters and the history of the drive operation, to build graphs, to generate a report in MS Excel and WellView format
Downhole unit and ASPT
Operating temperature:
— downhole sensor 0…+150 °С
— surface readout unit -60…+60 °С
Temperature measurement range:
— motor stator windings 0…+250 °С
— motor oil 0…+250 °С
— formation fluid 0…+150 °С
Pressure monitoring range 0—600 kgf/cm2
Pressure control resolution 0.01 kgf/cm2
Motor vibration acceleration measurement range  0—5 g
Interfaces for communication with PLC RS-232, RS-485
Operating temperature range of the underground part 0…+120 °С
Temperature measurement range 0…+120 °С
Temperature measurement resolution 0.005 °С
Pressure monitoring range 0—400 kgf/cm2
Pressure control resolution 0,0003 kgf/cm2
Flow measurement range 0.4…29 m3/h
Moisture indication range 0—100 %
Pressure sensor
Pressure measurement range 0—600 kgf/cm2
Resolution 0.01 kgf/cm2
Instrument error 0.2 %
Instrument drift, max, atm/year 1
Temperature sensor
Measurement of medium temperature in the range 0…+150 °С
Temperature measurement resolution 0.03 °С
Instrument error 0.2 %
Measurement of motor oil temperature in the range 0…+250 °С
Resolution 0.01 °C
Instrument error 0.2 %
Vibration sensor
Vibration measurement range 0—5 g
Resolution 0.01 g
Instrument error 1 %
Interrogation frequency of one sensor, at least 60 s

Conventional designation of IRZ TMS-XXX downhole monitoring systems of special design
The IRZ TMS-XXX downhole monitoring system of a special design (XXX is the alphanumeric designation of the telemetry subtype), depending on the version.