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IRZ TMS-ORD2 integrated downhole monitoring system for dual completion of wells


Monitoring of well development during separate operation of two-layer objects in wells using installations with one submersible electric motor and two pumps according to the "ESP-motor-ESP" scheme.

System components

  • surface readout unit ТМS-E6-02 or ASPT
  • downhole sensor of BP-117PRD series
  • SAKMAR-4D-ETSN geophysical block

Monitored parameters

  • pressure at the intake of the pumping unit
  • motor oil temperature
  • formation fluid temperature
  • upper formation fluid temperature
  • motor vibration level
  • insulation resistance of power cable and motor
  • intake pressure of the lower pump
  • lower formation fluid moisture content
  • lower formation production rate

The use of the IRZ TMS-ORD2 equipment allows the systems that control the ESP operation to provide the following:

  • protection and optimization of ESP operation
  • automatic holding of a given dynamic level in the well
  • obtaining data for well testing

Principle of operation

TMS-E6 feeds the BP-117PRD downhole sensor through the submersible motor power cable. BP-117PRD has a through shaft and is connected between the submersible motor and the lower hydraulic protection. The SAKMAR geophysical device is connected via a geophysical cable at the intake of the lower pump and measures pressure, temperature, water cut and flow rate of the lower formation.


  • downhole monitoring system has overvoltage protection up to 3000 V
  • compatible with all Russian-made drives
  • high update rate of real-time parameters — at least once in 40 s
  • capable to conduct dual completion of two formations in a single-lift assembly with minimal modifications to the standard ESPs
Downhole sensor
Supply voltage 160—300 V
Telemetry update rate 20 s
Operating temperature range:
— ТМS-E6 -60…+60 °С
— BP-117PRD 0…+150 °С
Temperature measurement range:
— motor oil 0…+250 °С
— formation fluid 0…+150 °С
Pressure monitoring range 0—250/320/600  kgf/cmdepending on modification
Pressure control resolution from 0.01 kgf/cm2
Measurement error 0.5;1  % depending on modification
Motor vibration acceleration measurement range 0—5 g
Interfaces for communication with PLC RS-232, RS-485
Overall dimensions:
— ТМS-E6 210x250x160 mm
— BP-117PRD Ø117x1000 mm
Operating temperature range of the underground part 0…+120 °С
Temperature measurement range 0…+120 °С
Temperature measurement resolution 0.005 °С
Pressure monitoring range 0—400 kgf/cm2
Pressure control resolution 0.0003 kgf/cm2
Flow measurement range 0.4—29 m3/h
Moisture indication range 0—100 %

Conventional designation of IRZ TMS-XXX downhole monitoring systems of special design
The IRZ TMS-XXX downhole monitoring system of a special design (XXX is the alphanumeric designation of the telemetry subtype), depending on the version.