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IRZ TMS-ORD4 integrated downhole monitoring system for dual completion of wells


Dual completion of two-layer objects in wells equipped with one ESP, and ensuring tight separation or choking of one of the operated formations without shutting down the submersible motor. Joint development with OOO NPF Packer. The system is optimal for wells with a distance between formation of 4 meters, with a production casing diameter of 140 mm, a temperature of the produced fluid up to 100°C with a flow rate of the shut off formation up to 30% of the well total flow rate.

System components

  • downhole sensor of BP-103DI series with submersible motor adapter
  • electrically monitored valve KPUE-102
  • modernized drive with VFD of IRZ-512-18-400-ORD4 type or autonomous surface readout unit ASPT
  • packer equipment, depending on the type of well

Monitored parameters

  • the flow rate of the main formation — according to the group metering unit, the flow rate of the cutoff formation — recalculated
  • pressure build-up curves
  • formation pressures
  • percentage of water cut in formations: main — by sample, cutoff — by recalculation
  • ESP intake pressure
  • motor temperature
  • temperature at the motor intake
  • pressure under the valve

Principle of operation

The surface readout unit transmits power for the downhole sensor and the valve through the power cable of the motor, the latter is also used for data transmission. The downhole sensor is connected to the “star” of the submersible motor, the electric valve is installed under the downhole sensor and controls the inflow volume from the lower formation upon command from the data acquisition unit.


  • the valve is monitored through the DMS unit (no geophysical cable from the wellhead and additional ground equipment is required)
  • flange connection of submersible motor and electric valve is used (geophysical cable is not required)
  • the electric valve is monitored through the menu of the variable frequency drive without stopping the motor
  • data from the electric valve is recorded in the main archive of the drive and is displayed in the communication program along with the main current parameters
  • compliance with the requirements of Rostechnadzor during the operation of multilayer facilities
  • an optimal production regime is ensured from both formations
  • dual production is carried out by a standard layout of ESPs
Downhole sensor BP-103DI
Pressure at inlet 0—320 (0—600) kgf/cm2
Temperature at pump intake 0…+150 °С
Motor oil temperature 15…+200 °С
Radial vibration 0…5 g
Electric valve KPUE-102
Pressure of cutoff formation 0—320 (0—600) kgf/cm2
Temperature of cutoff formation 0…+150 °С
Valve position 0—100 %

Conventional designation of IRZ TMS-XXX downhole monitoring systems of special design
The IRZ TMS-XXX downhole monitoring system of a special design (XXX is the alphanumeric designation of the telemetry subtype), depending on the version.