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IRZ TMS-Kvant+ fiber-optic downhole monitoring system


The system measures and records temperature distribution along the length of a fiber-optic cable located along the wellbore or placed in a gaseous, liquid or solid medium.

System components

  • drive of IRZ-501-95
  • fiber optic armored sensor cable
  • fiber optic above-ground cable
  • set of mounting parts
  • software for visualizing thermograms

The use of the system also guarantees effective monitoring of wells, including the following:

  • determination of intervals of inflow / injection of fluid
  • determination of fluid level in the well and perforation intervals
  • determination of behind-the-casing flows of formation fluid
  • control of the thermal mode of operation of the ESP equipment
  • control of the temperature profile of gas wells
  • identification of non-optimal thermal processes and parameters of the working environment
  • control of the temperature profile of injection and production wells used for the production of high-viscosity oil by the method of steam-gravity action


  • equipment with a variable frequency drive in the UHL1 version, which can be operated outdoors at temperatures from minus 60 to +50 ° C, which allows you to optimize the costs of installing a shelter with heating and air conditioning systems
  • display of current parameters on the drive controller, their transmission via GSM-channel to the consumer's server, storage of current parameters with convenient download to an USB-drive
  • visualization programs for viewing thermograms in the form of graphs, creating reports in csv, xml, jpeg, png formats
  • storing thermograms in the form of a database in the local network or on the Internet

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the IRZ TMS-Kvant + system is based on the Raman effect that is Raman scattering arising from inelastic scattering of photons of an input light pulse on low-frequency thermal vibrations of atoms forming a molecule of a scattering medium. An optical recorder located in the drive generates laser radiation, which propagates through the fiber optic cable and is scattered in it. As a result, additional frequencies arise in the scattering spectrum, the intensity of which is associated with the temperature of the scattering medium. Temperature of the fiber optic cable is calculated by analyzing the backscatter curves.


Optical fiber in an armored cable-sensor is a sensitive element of the system that directly senses the temperature effect of the environment. Power cable sheaths protect the optical fibers from mechanical stress and corrosive effects of the cable working environment.


  • temperature is measured along the entire length of the cable simultaneously, as a result a thermogram is built meaning a continuous temperature profile of the analyzed medium at a given time
  • fiber-optic cable-sensor is not affected by electromagnetic influences, so it is fully explosion and fire safe
  • the drive is capable to transmit thermograms both via standard Ethernet TCP/IP and RS-485 Modbus RTU channels, and via a GPRS modem
  • the smart operating mode of the drive allows you to analyze thermograms and issue commands to the actuators when the temperature exceeds the permissible limits, which significantly extends the life of the equipment and reduces the risk of emergencies
  • the system is certified as a temperature measuring instrument
Temperature measurement range -55…+300 °С
Discreteness of displaying temperature 0.01 °С
Temperature measurement step  1.63 m*
Optical fiber type single-mode
Optical measuring channel length up to 6000 m
Number of optical measuring channels 1; 4*
Single measurement time 1; 3; 5; 10; 15 min
Supply voltage of the drive 220 ±40 V (50 ±1) Hz
Voltage of auxiliary circuits of the drive  24 V
Autonomous operation time of the drive at an ambient temperature from -30 to +50 ° С, min 4 h
Drive enclosure class IP43 / IP54*
Drive operating temperature range  -60…+50 °С*
Data transfer interfaces USB-port; Ethernet-port (RJ-45); RS-485; GPRS-modem
Drive overall dimensions* depending on modification
Number of optical fibers in the cable-sensor 1—4*
Cable-sensor operating temperature range -55…+300 °С
Outer diameter of the cable-sensor 7.4 mm*
Breaking load of cable-sensor 30 kN*

* — varies depending on the modification