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Traction inverter TI450

Traction inverter for high-power electric vehicles.


TI450 is a traction inverter with liquid cooling, designed for effective control of the three-phase electric motors with power up to 450 kW (500 A). The device is powered by a battery. TI450 is available in two versions: with embedded DSP and without DSP (DSP is the interface for connection of an external controller).

Key benefits

  • liquid cooling
  • special power modules developed for application in vehicles
  • housing protection rating IP67

Working stage

Design documentation is fully developed. TI450 will be available in Q2 2020.

Number of phases at the output 3
Operating temperature, ºС –40…+65
Housing protection rating IP67
Dimensions, mm 735х500х247.5
Cooling forced liquid cooling
Rated total output power, kVA 560
Rated active output power, kW 450
Rated DC link voltage, V 800
Rated input DC current, A 500

About Manufacturer

Alexey Borodastov

Alexey Borodastov
Power electronics product line manager

+7 3412 430 568
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