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Production of harnesses, cables, winding articles


  • harness and cables
  • cables of various design and complexity with connectors of Russian and foreign origin, with the use of conventional and heat shrinkable materials
  • cable assemblies with length up to 30 m
  • coils, transformers, inductors with various types of cores and w/o cores
    • short-wave, E-shaped, dumbbell-shaped, shell-type, pot, rod and ring cores, transfluxors, etc
    • cores of in-house design made of electrical and precision steel

  • winding
    • frameless winding of coils and elements of adapters and filters
    • toroidal windings, core ring ø: from 3 mm to 100 mm
    • layer windings, frame ø: from 4x4 mm to 150x150 mm
    • wire wrapping, ø: from 0.06 mm to 2.5 mm