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IRZ: production of computers based on the national processor "Elbrus"

November,19 At the end of 2015 AO "Izhevskiy radiozavod" started the production of personal computers "Elbrus-401". The developer of microprocessor architecture "Elbrus" is AO “MCST" acting as a customer.

Computers "Elbrus-401" equipped with the domestic operating system are designed for consumers who have strict information security requirements.

By now the first batch of 80 computers and 20 motherboards has been produced and delivered to the customer.

In 2016 Izhevskiy radiozavod will execute new orders of Russian computer "Elbrus" production.

Reference information

AO "MCST" (historically — Moscow SPARC-technology center) is the Russian company, a developer of high-performance microprocessors, microcontrollers and control computer systems. Equipment is designed with a focus on computing speed and reliability of computing aids. "Elbrus" architecture is protected by 40 US patents and 10 patents of the Russian Federation. MCST has posted manufacturing orders for computers "Elbrus" in several Russian companies.

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