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Product tests

Testing of EEE parts

Full-cycle test center

  • additional and screening tests
  • certification tests
  • information security tests

Part types

  • signal processors
  • FPGAs
  • memory units
  • analog-digital ICs
  • operational amplifiers and comparators
  • microwave components, etc.

Types of tests

  • 100% incoming inspection
  • electric tests
  • mechanical and environmental tests
  • special effects tests (radiation tests, etc.)
  • reliability and life tests
  • destructive physical analysis


  • in-house design and production of tooling and software
  • development and approval of test programs and procedures, electronic components analysis and stock-list optimization
  • failure analysis of Russian and non-Russian parts

Testing of final products

Range of tests

  • high/low temperature
  • high humidity
  • atmospheric low/high pressure
  • frost and dew
  • sand and dust
  • salt (sea) fog
  • hydrostatic pressure
  • package leakage
  • watertightness
  • vibration
  • mechanical shock
  • linear acceleration, and other


RF test site

  • RF test site for tuning and testing of radio systems and directional antenna units
  • antenna test facility for tuning and testing of near-omnidirectional antennas and small-size antennas (satellite navigator, direction-finding and communication antennas) in far-field zone