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Electronic components testing center

Accredited Testing Center specializes in the incoming inspection, additional and certification tests of electronic components including reliability, preservation and radiation resistance tests, with the possibility of certification in the Federal System of Space Technology Certification.

The center provides comprehensive tests of electronic components and specific types of tests according to the requirements.

The company has the extensive range of hi-tech measuring and test systems which provide the whole test cycles of any type of electronic components by the methods of destructive and non-destructive testing, including the inspection of the following parameters:

  • UHF electronic components of up to 40 GHz
  • sensor matrix for the image reception
  • memory, including DDR3
  • modern ADC, processors, PLD and other multi-functional devices

Testing Center high qualified design engineers and technologists provide:

  • methodological support: program and test methods elaboration with the approval of the controlling entities
  • in-house design and production of tooling for the tests
  • technical reports on the tests carried out to assess the conformity of electronic components with the specified requirements
  • the reports on electronic components resistance to the model of external factors affecting

Radioelectronic equipment testing center

Test types

  • in the course of the product development:
    • laboratory development tests
    • preliminary tests
    • design and finishing tests
    • boundary tests
    • endurance tests
  • for finished products:
    • qualification tests
    • certification tests
    • periodic tests
    • type tests

Types of impacts

  • mechanical factors
  • climatic factors
  • electric

Test duratio

  • normal
  • accelerated
  • abbreviated

Parameters confirmation

  • endurance test
  • test of resistance to the model of external factors affecting
  • reliability test
  • transportation test

Special inspections of technical devices

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