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Manufacturing of LF, HF, and microwave hybrids


  • Microstrip boards (resistive, switching)
  • Discrete passive components
  • Induction coils
  • Circuit boards on FLAN dielectric with tin-bismuth alloy
  • Copper foil plates coated with gold or tin-bismuth alloy
  • Polycore padding
  • Packaged and unpackaged hybrids of low, high-frequency, and microwave ranges
  • Electronic semiconductor nodes, crystal-based transistors with gold leads
  • Hard-surface photomasks (iron oxide, chrome, emulsion).


  • Substrates are made of polycore, glass ceramics, ferrite, barium titanate, V-20, V-40, V-80, TL-0, TL-75, TL-100 ceramics
    • board dimensions are from 1.5x1.5 mm to 60x48 mm, thickness of 0.25—2 mm
    • holes and grooves of various shapes, transitional metallized holes; three-, four-, and five-sided metallization
    • thin-film resistors based on chromium, RS-3710, RS-5000, RS-5402, RS-5406K, K-50S alloys, specific resistivity of resistive layer from 1 to 10,000 Ohm/sq
    • conductors up to 24 microns thick with a minimum film width of 20 microns, manufacturing accuracy ±5 microns
    • gold coating up to 6 microns and tin-bismuth alloy coating up to 12 microns
  • The thickness of the copper foil is from 0.01—0.02 mm
  • Polycore induction coils, with resistance from 4 Ohms to 500 Ohms with an accuracy of 2%, the total capacity of 5 and 10 pF, the size of elements is 10 microns and more
  • Polycore, glass ceramics, ceramics hybrids
    • dimensions are 2x5 mm to 60x48 mm and more
    • frequency is up to 35 GHz
    • packaged microassemblies, leakage is up to 5*10-4 l·µm Hg/s
  • Photomask elements are 2 microns and more.


  • Vacuum deposition of resistive and conductive layers with subsequent photolithography, electroplating of the front and back sides, application of protective and marking layers to the circuit by centrifugation
  • Precision laser machining of polycore and RT/Duroid dielectric manufactured by Rogers company
  • All types of micro welding with gold wire with a diameter of 15 microns to contact pads with a size of 30x30 microns
  • Eutectic brazing of crystals
  • Sealing by casting or laser welding
  • Splicing of gold and aluminum wire with a diameter of 25 microns, 50 microns for ball-wedge / wedge-wedge on contact pads with a size of 50x50 microns

Quality Control

  • Parametric
  • Functional
  • Diagnostic


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