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Production of LF, HF and SHF-band hybrid integrated circuits


  • Microstrip boards (resistive boards, backplanes)
    • on alumina ceramic, glass ceramic, ceramic (V-20, V-40, TL-0 and ТL-75), ferrite or barium titanate substrates
      dimensions: from 2х2 mm tо 60х48 mm
      resistivity of resistive layer: from 1 tо 10000 Оhm/mm2
    • on alumina ceramic substrates with plated through vias and with three-, four- and five-sided metallization. Film conductors: from 1 to 23 μm, 25 μm minimum width; manufacturing precision: ±5 μm; protective electroplating: gold, tin-bismuth
    • on Rogers RT / Duroid metallized dielectric materials. Dimensions: up to 60x120 mm, manufacturing precision: ±5 μm

  • Discrete passive components
    • Thin-film resistors based on chromium or RS-3710, RS-5402, RS-5406 and K-50S alloys
    • Leucosapphire capacitors
    • Inductance coils based on alumina ceramics
      resistance: from 4 Оhm tо 500 Оhm; manufacturing precusion: up to 2%
      total capacitance: 5 and 10 pf
      elements dimensions: ≥ 10 μm
      overall dimensions: ≥ 2х2 mm

  • Metal photomasks (iron oxide, chromium)
    photomask elements: ≥ 3 μm
  • Microassemblies
    • microassemblies based on alumina ceramics, glass ceramics and ceramics
      sizes: from 2x5 mm to 60х48 mm and bigger
      frequency: up to 35 GHz
    • packaged microassemblies
      leakage: not more than 5x10-4 l.μm Hg./s
  • Semiconductor electronic units, crystal-based transistors
    ball-wedge / wedge-wedge bonding using ø40 mm gold wire
    dimensions: 1x1 mm