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Mechanical processing


  • complex-shaped high-precision body parts manufactured at milling machining centers
    accuracy grade: up tо and including 7 (according to the Russian classification)
    dimensions: 1270х520х540 mm
    materials: aluminum, steel, titanium, magnesium, copper, and other alloys (36N, 29NK, MD40)
  • parts of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and other materials manufactured at universal milling machines
    dimensions: 800х400х150 mm
    materials: aluminum, steel, titanium, magnesium, brass, nylon, and others
  • complex-shaped body parts such as bodies of rotation manufactured at turning machining centers
    two-side turning using power-driven tools
    max. workpiece diameter — 600 mm, max. turning diameter — 245 mm, max. turning length — 300 mm
  • items such as bodies of rotation manufactured at universal lathes
    accuracy grades: 6—7 (according to the Russian classification)
    turning diameter: up tо 400 mm
    turning length: up tо 1000 mm
    metric threads cutting: 0.2—140 mm pitch
    inch pitch thread cutting: 1.5—140 mm pitch, module thread cutting: 0.125—7.5 mm pitch
  • shaped body parts of sheet materials manufactured at CNC turret punching machines
    material thickness: up tо 4 mm (Al), 2.5 mm (steel)
    dimensions: up tо 2.5 m
  • riveted structures
    dimensions: up tо 6 m

  • body parts manufactured using soldering (vacuum soldering, gas soldering, soldering in salts) and welding (laser, arc, argon-arc, contact welding)
    dimensions of the bath for manufacture of structural parts by soldering in salts: 800x600x650 mm
    materials: aluminium-based alloys; titanium-based alloys, nickel and steel; non-ferrous and ferrous metals, silver, gold, platinum
  • parts manufactured by cold sheet stamping
    material thickness: 0.5—3 mm
    accuracy: up tо 0.05 mm
  • parts made of nonmetallic materials (rubber, plastic)
  • parts of Al alloys manufactured by die casting
    size: up to 400 mm
  • molding, cut-off, piercing, punching and bending dies dimensions: up tо 500x500 mm
  • die-molds for die casting of plastics and non-ferrous metals, for pressing of rubber parts and powder materials — fixed, modular, removable and direct compression
    dimensions of fixed molds: up tо 500x500 mm
  • tooling for vibration testing, welding, assembly, alignment, shaping and cutting of component leads, bending mandrels
  • auxiliary tools: small deburring tools, welded containers, sealed containers, soldering iron tips


  • cutting
  • pressure shaping
  • electro-erosion processing
  • soldering
    • structural soldering in molten salt (complex parts made of aluminium-based alloys)
    • vacuum soldering (parts of titanium alloys, nickel and steel)
    • gas soldering
  • welding
    • laser welding (ferrous and non-ferrous metals, silver, gold, platinum)
    • electric arc welding
    • argon-arc welding (ferrous, non-ferrous metals)
    • contact welding (black, non-ferrous metals, silver, gold, platinum)
  • heat treatment of steels and non-ferrous metals
  • electroplating and application of paint coating
  • application of conductive coating
  • casting, pressing
  • gear milling
  • engraving
  • die casting of Al alloys
  • pressing of non-metallic materials
  • mechanical and assembly operations
  • inspection
    • parameters
    • functionality


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