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Printed circuit boards


  • single-sided, double-sided, multilayer PCBs
  • flexible cables and PCBs
  • flex-rigid PCBs
  • microwave PCBs, including multilayer boards
  • aluminium-based PCBs, including double-sided PCBs with metal-coated holes
  • dielectric-based antennas and emitters, printed transformers
  • copper alloy pins with thickness of 0.05—0.2 m
  • PCBs with terminal pins


  • PCBs with metal-coated edges and half-holes
  • metal-based PCBs, boards sticking to the package
  • PCBs with controlled wave impedance
  • multilayer PCBs with several levels of blind holes
  • PCBs with blind metal-coated cut-outs for crystals mounting
  • flexible cables with metal-coated holes
  • flex-rigid PCBs with various variants of rigid parts thickness
  • flex-rigid PCBs with metal-coated holes in flexible parts
  • gold-plating of pins and lamels for end connectors
  • back drilling of metal-coated holes
  • drilling and milling to a point within the workpiece

  • vias protection:
    • using dry film soldermask (IPC-4761 type I)
    • using dry film soldermask with additional liquid mask (IPC-4761 type II)
    • using copper cover (IPC-4761 type VII)
  • microwave PCBs made of materials based on PTFE, foil-clad fluoroplastic FAF-4D (ФАФ-4Д), with metal-coated holes
  • hybrid microwave PCBs (FR4 and microwave materials)
  • microwave PCBs gold plating excluding nickel sublayer
  • direct pressing of microwave materials excluding the use of fiberglass cloth


  • number of layers: from 1 to 24
  • PCB thickness: from 0.1 to 6 mm
  • min. conductor's width: 0.07 mm
  • min. spacing between printed pattern elements: 0.07 mm

  • min. via diameter: 0.15 mm
  • via diameter to board thickness ratio: up to 1:12
  • min. blind via diameter: 0.1 mm
  • blind via diameter to depth ratio: up to 1:10
  • finish coatings: SnPb, HALS, galvanic gold, immersion gold (ENIG), galvanic silver, immersion silver (IAg), immersion tin (ISn)
  • foil thickness: 18, 35, 50, 70, 105, 210 microns
  • wave impedance tolerance control: ±10%
  • color of the protective mask/ marking paint: green, black, white


  • FR-4, FR-4 HiTg dielectric materials and fiberglass cloth of Russian (Eliform, BIZ, Electromash) and non-Russian manufactures
  • microwave materials of Russian (FLAN, FAF-4D) and non-Russian manufactures
  • materials for flexible and flex-rigid PCBs of Russian (Eliform) and non-Russian manufactures
  • aluminium-based materials


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