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Antenna amplifying unit AUU-1MT

Car antenna amplifying unit AUU-1MT is designed to use as a part of navigation systems of user navigation equipment installed in cars.

Antenna type active
Overall dimensions, mm 56x49x19
Cable RG 174, length 3 m
Socket type SR-50-724FV (SMB, SMA)
Resistance, Ohm 50
Bandwidth, MHz 1574—1610
Gain, no less, dB 20
Operating temperature, °C -40…+50
-50…+70 (optional)
Supply voltage (applied along the central core of a high-frequency cable), V 3—5
Consumption current, no more than, mA 20
Resistance to frost-dew, dew, dust, rain IP64
Mounting magnet
Material polystyrene

About producer

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Chief designer of navigation and communication systems: +7 3412 682 659
Fax: +7 (3412) 722 579
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Email: sales@irz.ru

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