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Tracker ТМ4-3 (ТМ4-3/110)

TM4-3 (TM4-3/110) mobile terminal is designed for operation in mobile objects control systems (SCMO) that provides on-line remote monitoring and control of vehicles on the railways. 


  • object positioning based on signals of satellite navigation systems (SNS): Russian Global Navigation System (GLONASS) and US Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • monitoring status of objects and cargo via five sensors with high or low output signal level and three current sensors
  • data reading from fire protection system and KLUB locomotive safety system via CAN interface
  • transfer of object position and sensors’ status data and telemetry data from locomotive safety system to SCMO control center via GSM cellular network with General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)
  • control under SCMO control center commands using four actuating devices installed on objects
  • internal memory recording minimum 1000 information frames in case of data transfer channel failure and automatic transfer of frames to the control center when data transfer channel is restored
  • automatic identification of a cellular service provider via SIM-card
Power supply volatge of TM4-3, V 38—65
Power supply voltage of TM4-3/110, V 86—145
Power consumption, W, not more 6
Overall dimensions, mm, not more:
— tracker 240х170х50
— antenna Ø115х157
Weight, kg, not more:
— tracker 0.6
— аntenna 1.1

About Manufacturer

Sales department: +7 3412 724 565
Chief designer for on-board telecommand systems: +7 3412 501 501
Chief designer for navigation and communication: +7 3412 682 659
Chief designer for check-out equipment: +7 3412 722 579
Fax: +7 3412 722 579
Email: svcomp@irz.ru

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