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ТМ4-3 (ТМ4-3/110) tracker

The TM4-3 (TM4-3/110) mobile terminal is designed for mobile objects control systems (MOCS) on railway that provide on-line remote monitoring and control of vehicles. 


  • object positioning based on signals of satellite navigation systems (SNS): Russian Global Navigation System (GLONASS) and US Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • monitoring of object and cargo status via five sensors with high or low output signal level, and three current sensors
  • data reading from fire protection system and KLUB locomotive safety system via CAN interface
  • transfer of object position, sensors status data and telemetry data from locomotive safety system to MOCS control center via GSM cellular network with General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)
  • control of four actuating devices installed on objects under MOCS control center commands
  • internal memory recording of minimum 1000 information frames in case of data transfer channel failure and automatic transfer of frames to the control center when data transfer channel is restored
  • automatic identification of a cellular service provider via SIM-card
Parameter Value
Data transfer to the control center in case of exceeding the time limit:
— range in which time limit is set in multiples of 30 s 30—240 s
Data transfer to the control center in case of sensor activation Urgent 
Data transfer to the control center in case of fire protection system alarm Urgent 
Electric parameters and design
Power supply volatge of TM4-3 38—65 V
Power supply voltage of TM4-3/110 86—145 V
Power consumption, up to 6 W
Overall dimensions, up to:
— terminal 240х170х50 mm 
— antenna Ø115х157 mm
Weight, up to:
— terminal 0.6 kg
— аntenna 1.1 kg