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MNP-M7.2 navigation receiver

MNP-M7.2 navigation receiver is designed to determine running coordinates, altitude, speed and time by the signals of satellite navigation systems GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO, QZSS and SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN) within L1 band. MNP-M7.2 characteristics are similar to MNP-M7, except smaller overall dimensions and decreased power consumption.

Fields of application

The navigation receiver can be applied in high-precision navigation systems including systems with fast-moving objects, tracking systems for railway / automobile / air / marine / river, and other types of transport. The receiver module is produced in a form of a single-sided board with SMT contact pads.

Firmware update and support web site (in Russian)

Number of channels 24, each of which can operate both with GLONASS system, and GPS system
Operation modes GLONASS, GPS, GLONASS + GPS
Operating frequencies GLONASS L1 (1598.0625—1608.75 MHz); GPS L1, SBAS (1575.42 MHz)
Output data position (longitude, latitude, altitude), speed vector, time and date UTC, measurements at clock and carrier frequency
User interface two serial ports
Communication protocol binary, IEC 61162 (NMEA-0183), RTCM SC-104

Navigational parameters

Time of the first determination of navigational parameters, s, not more than:
— «hot» start 5
— «warm» start 35
— «cold» start 40
Recovery time for tracking signals of a SV working constellation after the loss of tracking time, s, not more than:
— up to 120 s 5
— up tо 10 min 10
Frequency of determining navigational parameters, Hz 1—10
Error in generating a seconds time tag relative to UTC, μs, not more than 0.1
Object movement speed, m/s, not more than 515
Instrument accuracy of determining geographical coordinates with probability 0,95, m, not more than:
— GPS 5
— differential mode 2

Electrical parameters and design

Power supply voltage, V 3.0 ±0,2
Board power consumption, W, up to
— signals tracking 0.25/0.28
— signals acquisition mode (typical) 0.31/0.35
Operating temperature range, °C -40…+65
Overall dimensions, mm 29.25х24.25х3.8
Mass, g 6

Evaluation kit
Evaluation kit is desinged to evaluate the features and gain experience operation of MNP-M7 navigation receiver.

About Manufacturer

Sales department: +7 3412 724 565
Chief designer for on-board telecommand systems: +7 3412 501 501
Chief designer for navigation and communication: +7 3412 682 659
Chief designer for check-out equipment: +7 3412 722 579
Fax: +7 3412 722 579
Email: svcomp@irz.ru

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