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MNP-M7.2 navigation receiver


The MNP-M7.2 navigation receiver is designed to determine current coordinates, altitude, speed and time by signals of satellite navigation systems GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO, QZSS and SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN) in L1 band. The MNP-M7.2 receiver characteristics are identical to that of the MNP-M7 model, except for smaller overall dimensions and decreased power consumption.


The navigation receiver can be applied in high-precision navigation systems including systems with fast-moving objects, vehicles movement control systems for railway / automobile / air / marine / river, and other types of transport. The receiver module is a single-sided PCB with contact pads for SMT.

Parameter Value
Received signals L1 GLONASS, L1 GPS (С/А code), SBAS, QZSS, СДКМ
Number of channels 24 independent channels
Interface 2 UART channels
Baud rate 4800…115200
Update rate 1…20 Hz
Timescale UTC (SU), UTC (USNO)
Positioning accuracy, RMSE not worse than 3 m
Height accuracy, RMSE not worse than 5 m
Speed accuracy, RMSE not worse than 0,03 m
Timing accuracy, RMSE not worse than 50 ns
DC power supply voltage 2.8…3.3 V
Power consumption, not more than 0.4 (aquisition mode) W
0.25 (tracking mode) W
Operating temperature range -40…+70 °C
Overall dimenions 24х29х3 mm
Weight 4 g

Evaluation kit
Evaluation kit is desinged to evaluate the features and gain experience operation of MNP-M7 navigation receiver.