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Pan and tilt platform

IRZ provides engineering of pan and tilt platforms for antennas of various application and according to the customer requirements.  The platform may provide remote positioning of antenna, including automatic mode.

At the customer’s request IRZ may design the platform with various technical parameters:

  • a required angle and time of turning
  • a drive/motor of various design
  • a required vertical load
  • a possibility to control from the computer

Product status



Parameter Value
Motion range
Azimuth n x 360 °
Elevation –10…+180 °
Angular speed
Azimuth 0.1—70 °/с
Elevation 0.1—50 °/с
Positioning accuracy ≤±0.5 mrad
Payload up to 100
Control interface Ethernet TCP/IP (RS-422)
Power supply 18—220 V
Operating temperature, °C minus 40…+55 °C
Dimensions customizable
Weight customizable
IP rating IP66