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Motor controller

IRZ develops its own line of electronic units and modules for electric motors’ control. This line includes controllers of three-phase motors. They are controlled by torque, speed and angular location.


  • smooth and precise regulation of operating mechanisms’ movement speed 
  • precise positioning of the machine tool and mechanism actuators 
  • integration into Automated process control systems


Robotics, industrial automation, general engineering and automotive industry, medical equipment.

Product status

Prototyping. Working design documentation has been developed.

Parameter Vers.1 Vers.2 Vers.3 Vers.4
Rated wattage 0,25 kW 0,5kW 1 kW 2 kW
Allowable supply voltage range 18…48 V 320…450 V
Output current (actual current):
— continuous 10 A 20 A 2 A 5 A
— short-term 15 A 30 A 5 A 10 A
Carrier frequency of pulse-width modulation 10 kHz
Maximum output voltage Three-phased (in proportion to input voltage)
Electro-magnetic brakes’ control +
Control channel RS-485 Modbus RTU RS-485 Modbus RTU; CANOpen
Feedback sensor interface SSI absolute encoder SSI absolute encoder; Hall sensors (6 pcs)
Operating mode torque control; speed control; location control
Operating temperature -40…+50 °C -40+85 °C -40…+50 °C -40…+85 °C