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Motor controller

IRZ develops its own line of electronic units and modules for electric motors’ control. This line includes controllers of three-phase motors. They are controlled by torque, speed and angular location.


  • smooth and precise regulation of operating mechanisms’ movement speed 
  • precise positioning of the machine tool and mechanism actuators 
  • integration into Automated process control systems


Robotics, industrial automation, general engineering and automotive industry, medical equipment.

Product status

Prototyping. Working design documentation has been developed.

Rated wattage 0,25 kW 0,5kW 1 kW 2 kW
Allowable supply voltage range 18…48 V 320…450 V
Output current (actual current):
— continuous 10 A 20 A 2 A 5 A
— short-term 15 A 30 A 5 A 10 A
Carrier frequency of pulse-width modulation 10 kHz
Maximum output voltage Three-phased (in proportion to input voltage)
Electro-magnetic brakes’ control +
Control channel RS-485 Modbus RTU RS-485 Modbus RTU; CANOpen
Feedback sensor interface SSI absolute encoder SSI absolute encoder; Hall sensors (6 pcs)
Operating mode torque control; speed control; location control
Operating temperature -40…+50 °C -40+85 °C -40…+50 °C -40…+85 °C