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VKU Rotating electrical connectors (Slip ring)


Transmission of constant, alternate and pulsed electrical signals in a wide range of frequencies and powers between the source and the receiver located in the mutually rotating parts of the object.


Industrial automation, robotics, general engineering and automotive industry, weapons and military equipment, medical equipment.

Product status


Parameter VKU-23 VKU-40
Height 56 mm 80 mm
Diameter  23 mm 40 mm
Operating temperature -60…+85 °C
Protection rating IP40 IP60
Current type Direct/ Alternate
Number of power circuits 2 4
Supply voltage/ Current 220 V/15 A 220 V/2 A
Number of signal circuits 16 10
Supply voltage/ Current 60 V/1 A
Ethernet 1 Gb/c
Rotation speed  ≤250 RPM
Dielectric strength under normal conditions 1500 VAC, 50 Hz, 60 с
Insulation resistance under normal conditions 20 MΩ