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Li-on batteries: 48V, 440 V


IRZ provides engineering of Li-on storage batteries according to the customer’s request for application as a primary or a secondary power system in an on-board network.


The Li-on storage batteries are used as  primary or secondary power systems of the on-board network in robotics, industrial automation, general engineering and automotive industry, weapons and military equipment.

Product status

Prototyping. Test completion date: 2021.

Изготовлены макетные образцы. Отработочные испытания на стадии завершения.


Parameter Battery (Li-ion) 440 V Battery (Li-ion) 48 V
Dimensions (height×width×length) 300×415×652 mm 320×526×525 mm
Weight ≤87 kg ≤88 kg
DC voltage 440-94+13,6 V 44,4-2,4+6,1 V
Charging rate  ≤15 A ≤80 A
Longstanding discharging current ≤25 A ≤250 A
Nominal discharge current ≥60 A ≥300 A
Duration of the maximum additional discharge current ≤2 sec
Cutoff current 65 A 310 A
Energy capacity  ≥10000 Wt-hour ≥9500 Wt-hour
Protection rating IP66
Operating high ambient temperature 55 °С
Limit high ambient temperature 60 °С
Operating low ambient temperature -40 °С
Limit low ambient temperature -50 °С 
Impact load / duration 6 g/ (5—10) ms
Sinusoidal vibration of frequency /sinusoidal vibration of acceleration (5—500) Hz/ 2 g
Cells charge control system,  battery active balancing +
Temperature sensors and thermostat control +
Battery charge indicator +