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Remote control

IRZ provides portable remote controls’ design for a distant control of robotic and other equipment according to the customer’s requirements.


Distant control of mechanisms, displaying equipment condition status and receiving video information from the controlled objects.


Robotics industry, industrial automation, weapons and military equipment.

Product status


Parameter Value
Overall dimensions 266х420х120 mm
Weight  8 kg
Number of displays 2 sensor LC 10"
Сontrol interfaces Ethernet, RS-485
External communication interfaces 2хUSB
Number of function buttons 12 (10 lighted)
Number of joysticks 2 (analogue)
Option to connect an external battery +
Operating temperature -50…+80 °С
Operating system Linux
Processor core 2 x ARM-Cortex-A7 900 MHz, GPU

Designed for installation into a remote control stations of various devices and mechanisms